Fall, glorious fall! If it wasn’t already obvious, this is probably my favorite time of year. Up here in the PNW, we do get a ton of rain, but we don’t lack any of that beautiful autumn color! And because it’s been so beautiful outside, we decided to hit the trail and soak it all in.

And take some family pictures, of course! And if you’ve ever tried to take pictures with young kids, you know that it’s nearly impossible to snap one where everyone is looking at the camera and not blurry. 

But I think we got some pretty good shots!

Riv was super fascinated with all the leaves. It was a bit wet, which she didn’t like, but she sure loved exploring everything.

“I laugh at dad jokes” ♥

And after the trail, it was time for…

carving pumpkins! This was the first time Had insisted on doing everything herself… and she did an awesome job. She and two of her favorite cousins all sat down together and started carving away!

She chose her design and poked all the holes all by herself! Michael and her cousins helped her scoop out all the guts and then she actually carved it all out too. (Michael had to go through a second time and clean up a bit, but she definitely did most of the work!)

It turned out super cute and she is so, so proud of her work. And as for Riv, this wasn’t her first Halloween, but it was the first time we had her to a pumpkin. So we just painted her hands up and had her mark it a bunch.

Or at least we tried! It still turned out pretty cute, though, and we set it on our front porch table next to our super cool painted rocks and Had’s mystery seeds. 🙂 (She found them in the garage and they started to grow, much to our surprise!)

And as for mine and Michael’s pumpkin…

I think it’s self-explanatory. I’m just saiyan’. 😉 

Happy fall, y’all!

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2 thoughts on “Autumn Days

  1. Always love your blogs. You are so good with the children. Good job mama and daddy. Thanks for the great pictures . Love you all . G and G💞💕

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