Because Every Little Moment Counts


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There are few things I enjoy more in life than having some nice bonding time with my girls. Having two kids can be, well, a bit of a handful at times. As a stay at home mom, I am constantly on the go; cleaning, cooking, playing, and not to mention feeding, changing, and chasing after a wild baby on the loose!

I don’t often have very much time to myself, and my mind tends to get a little jumbled! And with all the recent advances in modern technology, anything that can help me keep everything in order and save me as much time as possible is a real life-saver.

That’s why I’ve been loving Hive! A series of home products designed to make life a little easier, Hive is designed to virtually connect your home and allow more time to do the things you truly want to.

Hive offers subscription-based smart home plans that include a hub which communicates with all the devices and allows you to control them from your smart phone.  You can learn more about the plans Hive offers here.

The Welcome Home Standard Plan allows you to control temperature, lighting, and appliances from wherever you are and installation is a breeze. Simply plug the hub into your router, link to your phone and you’re ready to roll!

One of my favorite products has to be the active lights. Not only can I turn them on and off from anywhere, but I can also adjust the brightness and hue! Call me easily entertained, but turning from a cool blue to a warm yellow is one of the best features in my opinion.

Plus, we’ve been having an ongoing issue of turning out the lights at night, and I don’t think I have to tell you how excited I am that Hive allows me to do  this as I’m already all snuggled into bed.

Whether I’m scheduling the furnace to come on, adjusting the lights, or monitoring when a door or window is opened, Hive makes this crazy stay at home mom life that much easier. Because I can really use all the help I can get! 😉

You can learn more about Hive and the products they offer here.

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2 thoughts on “Because Every Little Moment Counts

  1. I love this. We’re just starting to get into the smart-home setup too. It’s amazing to be able to turn off (or dim) all the lights at night, at the touch of a button. (Or at a simple command to the Echo ;))

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