Cruelty-Free Friday: Laundry Detergent


Happy Friday and welcome to another Cruelty-Free Friday! So last week we talked all about toothpaste, and this week I thought we’d shift gears a little bit and look at laundry detergents!


Review: “The detergent comes in 100 oz pack of 2 bottles, I ordered the Magnolia Lily Scent. The clothes comes out smelly very clean and fresh. I have a 4 year and I am always looking for environmentally friendly brand detergent for her sensitive skin. I have not had an issues with detergent and been using for 2 weeks now. And I love that it’s HE & for both top and front loaders.” – Mayra sanchez

Read more about ECOS products here.

2. Mrs. Meyer’s

Review: “I am in love with the honeysuckle scent that Mrs Meyers has . I finally tried the laundry detergent and it didn’t disappoint . I still add a stain booster , but do that anyway , and this makes our clothes smell so wonderful !” – Nicole

Discover more about Mrs. Meyer’s products here.

3. Method

Review: “This is the first time that I purchase Method laundry soap. I was a bit concerned that it wasn’t as concentrated as my previous brand, but I am pleasantly surprised. Not only is it more natural, but my family’s laundry is cleaner. The small size bottle is great space saver as well, so I was able to stock up on the refill pouches as well. Will definitely buy again!” – Ramon55

Find out more here.

4. Ecover

Review: “I did quite a bit of research before purchasing this product. I wanted something that was more eco friendly and easier on skin than what I had been using. In addition to being well rated on, this product had good reviews, so I gave it a shot. I am really happy with it! My clothes come out clean, even sweaty clothes, and this has no lingering order or fragrance. The clothes just smell like clothes!” – Jessica

Read all about Ecover products here.

5. Biokleen

Review: “I really love this plant based detergent. I looked far and wide for a plant based, cruelty free detergent tonuse on my cloth diapers, family cloth, mama cloth, unpaper towels, and our regular laundry. This detergent has been perfect for our family of 5. I use about 1 1/2 the recommended amount for my cloth diapers, cloth wipes, and cloth menstrual pads and up to the line for regular laundry and always use warm or hot water. For cold wash only items, I use a stain remover and very little detergent. This soap works great for our family and I have been recommending it to all my vegan friends.” – Inkmeinpink

Find out more about Biokleen products here.

6. Puracy

Review: “My washer does two rinses in its standard cycle so I figured the scent would all get washed away, but I was pleasantly surprised to find my clothes smelled of “fresh linen”. The scent is more like an aroma than the chemical smell of store brand detergents. This detergent is gentler on clothes, yet performs the same or better than chemical detergent. I have noticed that red colors come out looking more vibrant after their first wash with this detergent. Interesting. I hang/air dry my clothes. This practice and product keeps my clothes looking brand new.” – Wade AC

Discover more about Puracy products here.

7. Molly’s Suds

Review: “There are virtually no suds with this detergent, which I love. There is a very pleasant peppermint scent to the powder, but that doesn’t come off on the clothes, at all. Your clothes will come out scent free, and clean. I haven’t come across a stain or dirt marks that this didn’t get out. It is pricey, but I’ll see how long it lasts, (I got the 70 loads) Been using it for about 3 weeks, and it’s not near finished. My oldest left for college so I’m down to three people, two adults and one teenage boy, so a bigger family may go through it quicker. When it’s used up I’ll update this review, and let you know how long it lasted.” – rd fortino

Read more about Molly’s Suds products here.

8. Sun & Earth

Review: “I love this laundry detergent. I bought it for my newborn, but I wash everything in it. It has gotten poop, spit up, and milk stains out of EVERYTHING. I use a quarter of the lid, add water, put half in the bottom of the load and half in the top. For hard stains I put it directly on, and it usually comes out before I even wash it. I’ve even used it on my wet vac/shampooer and it has gotten old stubborn stains out of my couch and mattress.” –Krystin De Knight

Find out more here.

9. Planet

Review: “Wasn’t so sure I wanted to use powdered laundry soap in my front load but this stuff works wonderful! LOVE IT! Will continue to use for years to come! Thank you for making such a great product that protects the environment and my families clothes and skin.” – Elisha Reynolds

Discover more about Planet proucts here.

10. Attitude

Review: “I purchased this product when researching baby detergents on the Enivironmental Working Group’s (EWG) database. The EWG database scores products based on the safety of their ingredients (I.e: are there any ingredients linked to carcinogens and/or hormone disrupters, etc.) and Attitude’s products all scored an “A” rating. After using the product, I am a believer! The fragrance-free version is great for newborns and all of my baby’s clothes come out clean and soft. I highly recommend this product to Moms looking for a safe and environmentally-friendly product that works just as well as the “super detergent” brands out there.” – Kelly T

Read all about Attitude products here.

What kinds of cruelty-free detergents do you like to use?

Which products do you wanna see featured on the next Cruelty-Free Friday?

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