To be completely honest, I was having some technical difficulties the past couple days and was unable to get any posts published buuuuuut better late than never, right? 😉

So I just wanted to share a few fun pics from our Easter 2017 experience…

Easter was super fun and super sunny this year with this lil fam! We got to sleep in a little bit in the morning for the first time in years  and we even got a little sunshine (actually for the first time in years).

Love these goobers! It’s safe to say that Riv had a pretty awesome first Easter; and of course Had loved showing her what it’s all about.

And we’re off! Because we were going to witness the first warm(ish) sunny Easter in years, we decided to take advantage of it and go to the beautiful Fort Ebey State Park with Michael’s family!

Riv’s hangout spot for the day… this thing is seriously a life saver! She actually didn’t mind being in there for the majority of the time, which is pretty awesome considering she weighs almost 25 pounds!

The wild Michael in his natural habitat… Notice the Indiana Jones/Crocodile Dundee hat haha! 

Thinkin’ bout somethin’…  Had is at such a fun age; she’s really beginning to question everything; the whole world around her is hers to explore and discover! This girl had the greatest time running around with her cousins. They’re her best friends!

And of course, Gramma loaded all of them up with super sweet Easter baskets- complete with a whole kerfluffle of assorted treats.

Love, love, LOVE these two cuties!

And after all the playing and candy-eating was over, it was time for the egg hunt!

Had found 9 eggs- a new personal best! 😉

All in all, it was a super special and pretty relaxing day spent with family, good food, and nice-if-you’re-talking-to-a-Washingtonian weather… 🙂

Until the next adventure!


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