Hadley’s Birthday Interview- Age 3


Because Goober Girl is THREE YEARS OLD NOW, I thought it would be fun to start a little tradition where I ask her the same questions every year and see how her answers change as she grows! I’m sure you’ve seen this idea before (and maybe already do it for your own kiddos), but I also included a free printable which you can find below!

This shirt. Could not be more accurate! Girl has more attitude than anyone I’ve ever met- and that’s saying something. Her newest thing is standing there with her hands on her hips and saying “hmmph!” when she doesn’t get her way. I swear I have no idea where she got that…

It is one of the most fascinating things watching your child grow and develop their personality. I see so much of myself in her, and a bit of Michael as well- he mostly shines through in her appearance, though. 🙂

She is so bright and funny and loves pretty much everyone. She loves to sing, make jokes, and play pretend. I couldn’t be more proud of the little human she has become. 

Now on to the interview!

How old are you? Three
What is your favorite color? Red
What is your favorite food? Cereal (Breakfast, lunch, and dinner pretty much!)
What is your favorite drink? Orange juice
What is your favorite snack? Fruit snack
What is your favorite movie? Shrek (This was also her favorite movie when she turned two.)
What is your favorite show? Daniel Tiger
What is your favorite book? Fox in Socks (I was a bit surprised at how quickly she answered this question, but yes, she loves having us read that impossible little book!)
What is your favorite animal? Cow
What is your favorite song? Pentatonix (Not a song, but she does love pretty much every song that they do!)
What is your favorite thing to do? Color
What is your favorite game? Car game
What is your favorite toy? Train tracks
What makes you happy? Ice cream (Same.)
What makes you sad? Lots and lots of scary monsters
What are you afraid of? A scary monster
What do you love about Daddy? Silly! (A bit of a tricky question for a three year old, but she got it eventually.)
What do you love about Mommy? Silly too!
Who is your best friend? Hayden and Wyatt (Her cousins- and another quickly answered questions! She is absolutely crazy about them!)
Where would you like to go on vacation? Home
Where is your favorite place to eat? Mac & Cheese (Possibly The Macaroni Grill?)
What do you want to be when you grow up? Santa! (There’s a good chance you will be one day, my dear. Ha!)

So there you have it. I couldn’t have asked for more adorable and accurate answers! My girl is getting so big and I’m excited to see how her answers will change (or not) over the years!

Be sure to download my Birthday Interview Printable!

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