The Importance of Cousin Time


Hallelujah, another sunny day here in Washington! After a very stereotypical week-long plague of nothing but rain, rain, and more rain, we managed to have one nice, sunshine-filled day, which came as a bit of a surprise to me. So for that reason, I was sure to enjoy every single second that I possibly could! Hadley and I had a good old time replanting some of our flowers on the front porch, and we got to play outside in the -freshly mowed- backyard (thanks, Michael!) 

Cousin Time04

It’s seriously difficult to get a clear shot of this girl! There’s always at least one part of her that’s blurry in pretty much every single photo I manage to get of her. I do love that she’s so active, though. Now that I’m feeling better at just about 26 weeks along, it’s not as much of life or death decision to get off the couch and actually get out and do something. 

Cousin Time02

Since we moved last December, one thing that’s been super awesome about our new place is that my sister, Kendall, and her little family live literally five minutes away from us. It’s the easiest thing in the world to just send her a “hey wanna hangout” text and then let the kiddos play while we get a moment (literally a moment) to ourselves.

Cousin Time03

This. guy. 

Meet Brodie, my little cutie-patootie nephew. And although I say “little”, never underestimate this guy! He may be small, but he’ll keep you on your toes. Having just recently learned how to walk, dude will be there one moment, then gone before you even know what happened. And yes, he’s getting into something of yours. That one thing that you can’t live without, that can’t get ruined at all costs. But it’ll probably still work with a few teeth marks in it. 😉

Cousin Time07

One of the nicknames we’ve given him is “Mr. Serious”. Can you see why? 😉

Hadley just loves being around her cousin. Ever since he was born, they’ve just been best friends. Since neither of them have a sibling of their own to play with, the time they spend together is very special and extremely important. Being around Brodie has taught Hadley some very vital lessons about being the older child; she’s able to show him how to do certain things, and is also learning what one can and can’t do with someone younger and smaller than themselves. (i.e. saying “hold on tight” and then wrapping her arms around his neck and trying to ride him. We’re still working on that one!) 

Cousin Time01

On the other hand, Brodie has had the privilege of having someone around who’s been around the block and can show him how to do all kinds of cool stuff. Seeing Hadley run and jump and climb helps him to learn how to do these things on his own and encourages him to try new things. It’s also good for him to hear Hadley use her words to tell us what she wants and engages him to do the same. For only 15 months old, he’s quite the bright little guy!

Cousin Time06

These two really are quite a pair. When put together, there’s no stopping the fun (as long as everyone’s fed and well rested, that is). It has been such a relief to see how well Hadley plays with Brodie; getting a first look of what I can -hopefully- expect from her as a big sister. We’ll see! 

Cousin Time05

Cousins are pretty much some of your first friends growing up, though. Family get-togethers were always so much fun getting to see everyone and catch up and then just play together until it was time to go back home. I know Hadley and Brodie will have this special bond for life- they’ll always remember their first BFF! ♥

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