At long last! After months and months of waiting, wondering, and guessing (who knows how many of those “gender predictor” quizzes I took), we finally know who’s going to be joining us this summer! I don’t know how parents can wait until the delivery to know what they’re having. Although I think it would be cool to be surprised at the end, I just don’t think I have the patience! With both my pregnancies, I’ve wanted to know as soon as possible so I can start making all the cute baby stuff I see on Pinterest. Not to mention that I feel like I have a closer connection with baby, and can call them by name. (Yes, we had our names picked out weeks ago!)

And so, about 20 minutes and about 3,146,287 ultrasound pictures later, we found out that we are rooting for…

Gender Reveal 00

TEAM PINK! Hadley’s going to have a little sister! I kinda feel like I should’ve known this, being as though she kept referring to baby as her sister instead of brother. 

Baby R 01

Sucking her thumb?? Ugh I had almost forgotten how fascinating -and extremely cute- it is to see your unborn child moving around in the womb. Little Miss was very active and kept kicking at the wand (ouch haha) which is weird because prior to this appointment, Michael and I hadn’t been able to feel her at all really. Must have disturbed her slumber. 😉 

After the appointment (and after the tech gave Hadley the stickers that were promised to her for being such a good girl), we headed to Party City to get the biggest balloon they had for our reveal photo. 24″ in diameter, so I’m surprised she didn’t float away! 

A few favorites from the day…


Gender Reveal 03

Gender Reveal 04
Gender Reveal 06

My loves!

Gender Reveal 07

After about a bazillion pictures, we decided to take Hadley to the park for some well-deserved playtime.

Gender Reveal 09

I just know she’s going to be an awesome big sister. I’m so excited for Miss Baby to enter this world and I think having the ultrasound has made it finally become “real”. Yes, there’s actually a living being in there; yes, she will one day be her own person with her own thoughts and emotions; and yes, we might have a name picked out already! 🙂 

Gender Reveal 10

Don’t worry Hadley, you’ll have a permanent, live-in playmate soon! ♥

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