As of last Friday, it is officially fall! So that means it’s completely acceptable to start putting up Halloween decorations (if you haven’t done so already). So being our frugal selves, Michael and I started brainstorming on what we could make for our front porch display using materials that we already had around the house. 

After throwing around various different ideas, we finally came up with something that’s fun, low-cost, and super cute! (The credit has to go mostly to Michael, to be honest hehe!)

Jute Spiderweb

For those who prefer the rustic look, this is perfect for you!

What you’ll need:

  • Jute cord (or something similar)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scotch tape
  • Champagne or wine corks
  • Tacks/nails

Step 1: Begin by cutting 4 identical pieces of cord. Mine were about 3 feet long.

Step 2: Pull them tight and tape down the edges onto a flat surface. I used a cutting mat on our dining room table to minimize the amount of tape being stuck to it.

Step 3: Hot glue all the cords in the middle, being sure not to accidentally glue them to the table. 🙂

Step 4: Cut a fairly long piece of cord- long enough to create a circle around the taped pieces. Leaving about 3-4 inches on the end, tie one end around one of the pieces and secure it with a double knot.

Step 5: Begin to form your circle by feeding the long cord underneath the taped pieces and tie a single knot on each one. (See below) Be sure to pull the cord fairly tight so there isn’t a lot of slack. Otherwise your spiderweb will be droopy! 😉

If you run out of cord, just tie off the first one with a double knot and repeat step 4.

Step 6: Continue making circles, working your way toward the center of the taped cords. I ended up having 5 circles total.

Your web is now complete! Now time for the spider!

Step 7: Take 4 identical pieces of cord for your spider’s legs. Tie a double knot on all of the ends.

Step 8: Hot glue all the legs onto your cork to form legs. I glued mine at a bit of an angle so they would be more spread out.

Step 9: Secure a piece of cord to the back of the spider with hot glue. I did a double knot here as well to make it stronger. You can also add a little face if you’d like. (We didn’t have any googly eyes, but we might add some later!)

Step 10: Hang your web! We used tacks to secure it to our covered porch and siding, and then just used scotch tape to stick it to the windows. Tie your spider in wherever you’d like (we used a single knot so we could move him if needed) and you’re good to go!

And there you have it! This is a super simple display that’s cute and able to be used over and over again. 

Happy Halloween! 

Until the next project!

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