Nap Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sleep


Ever since we moved into the new place, Hadley has been on and off with her napping. Now, she has done this twice before already; once around six months or so and then again right around 18 months. The only difference this time around, though, is that this has been the longest and toughest sleep regression yet. At times, I actually considered dropping the nap altogether and replacing it with “quiet time” in her room… until, of course, I was forced to deal with an overly tired -and all around hysterical- toddler at bedtime. Not fun.

One thing is for certain: I know she still needs a nap. And she’s not the only one. (Thank you, pregnancy!) But luckily, she’s slowly been getting back into catching those afternoon Z’s. But for a little while there, she would absolutely refuse to sleep in her bed and instead I would find her passed out in various places around the house. Mostly on the couch…

Sleeping Beauty 02

Sleeping Beauty 03

Sleeping Beauty 04

…and sometimes on the floor, too! One time, I went into her room to check on her and she was nowhere to be seen- just heard. I followed the snores and found her curled up on a pile of blankets in her closet. Goober!

Sleeping Beauty

It has been extremely difficult at times (especially since I’m always exhausted no matter how much sleep I get), but I’m pleased to say that I think the Nap Wars may finally be coming to an end. 

Some tips for any fellow parents dealing with a nap time fighter:

  • Keep a routine. Babies and toddlers don’t usually adjust very well to change, so be sure to follow all the steps and don’t leave anything out!
  • Be consistent. When you’re trying to enforce nap time (or anything else for that matter), it’s important to keep at it and not give up. If they get out of their bed 200 times, you put them right back in 200 times as well. 🙂
  • Don’t get discouraged! Some days are gonna be harder than others, some days it will take longer to get them to sleep, and some days it’s just not gonna happen at all. Just take a deep breath and remember that there’s always tomorrow! 

What are some of the odd places you’ve found your toddler sleeping?

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