I recently rearranged the girls’ room in a way that opened it up a bit and provided a little more space to move around- freeing up the corner for Hadley’s reading nook! Right off the bat, I knew I wanted some sort of wall storage for her books (to save as much floor space as possible) and with a little Pinterest browsing, I came across the idea of using rain gutters! 

For some reason, I assumed that buying gutters would be somewhat expensive, but I was actually able to buy a 10′ vinyl one at Home Depot for just under four bucks. Score! The end caps were the more pricey part at about $7 a set, which still isn’t too bad. In the end, they turned out just like I wanted and are so. dang. CUTE:

DIY $18 Rain Gutter Shelves

We ended up going with two shelves, each 3′ long. To cut them, all you need is a hacksaw (which can be purchased for about $4 at Home Depot). When mounting them to the wall, just be sure you find the studs and you’re set! 

Note: The books do tend to fall forward at times, especially if one is taken from the back! This hasn’t been a problem so far, and I’ve somewhat solved the problem by relocating some of the books to a little basket on the floor!

DIY Rain Gutter Shelves

Can’t wait for the next project! Stay tuned for more. 🙂

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