Happy Wednesday, all! It’s been pretty crazy around our house lately, so I figured I’d give you guys a little update. 

First off, Had’s long luxurious locks are no more! To be honest, it was getting a bit difficult to keep up on all that hair and she is always ready to just go, go, go so sitting down for 30 minutes combing wasn’t working. 

But she was super excited about going to get it done and was very happy about the result! Now we can get out the door in no time at all and she can play and paint and do all kinds of messy things without her hair getting in the way!

Which reminds me…

Had started school again last week! She has been ready to go back pretty much since the first official week of summer. She loves her friends and all the fun stuff she gets to do with them.

It’s definitely been an adjustment getting back into the groove of things (and waking up on time), but she absolutely lives for school. Ugh, just stop with the growing up, already! And speaking of growing up…

Miss Blue is a little over 15 months now! And oh. my. gosh her personality is really starting to come out! She babbles nonstop and has even started to say little phrases like “thank you” and “I love you”! 

She is so incredibly sweet, too. I mean, Had is cuddly to an extent, but this girl will just flop onto your shoulder and snuggle up a storm. We had to have at least one clingy one, right? 😉

Sass! Riv is at that age where I can put her in adorable (but somewhat ridiculous) outfits and it totally works. Plus, I promised myself I’d get her to wear these super cute boots at least once before her feet outgrew them!

Ever since she started walking a little over a month ago, life just hasn’t been the same. She can get to places much faster, she can explore more when we’re out in public, and run right out the front door as soon as I open it. Again with the whole growing up thing!

On another note, here’s an actual photo of Russ Wilson warming up before the game! It’s been so nice having the Seahawks on again- gives us something to look forward to every Sunday, especially now that Game of Thrones is over for who knows how long. 🙁 But we won’t get into that now. Hehe!

Love, love, LOVE these goobers! Life can get a little crazy and hectic at times, but when I look at these two beautiful little goofballs of mine, I know it’s all worth it.

Totally looks like they’re taking a selfie, though… haha!


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