Repurposed TV Hutch Into Peppa Pig Play Area


Hellooooo my lovely readers! So to start, I’d just like to say that it’s been way too long since I’ve done a good project. This could partially be due to the indiscernible jumble of hectivity that is my life. (Yes, I just made that word up. Yes, I Googled it first and used it anyway even though it’s not real.) 

But it also partially could’ve been because of the fact that our garage was so terribly cluttered and unorganized that we could hardly walk through it let alone attempt any sort of project in it. Up until recently, when Michael and I finally cracked down and gave it a good cleaning and threw out a bunch of junk we didn’t need. Best feeling ever!

Long story short, we’ve been wanting to create a work space for us to get projects and work done and that’s exactly what we did with the garage. It looks 110% better but there were a few pieces of furniture we unearthed that needed a new purpose, including a super old TV hutch that had been given to us from my grandma.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice little hutch; just a little beat up around the edges and has definitely seen a lot of use. Although we have never had a specific use for it, we didn’t want to throw it out because we thought it would be perfect for a cool project for the girls.

Repurpose an old TV Hutch into the perfect play space for your own Peppa Pig fanatic!

Perhaps a dress up area? A puppet theater? The possibilities were endless! But being as though we knew we were going to be spending a lot of time in our newly founded work area, we thought it would be a good idea for the girls – Hadley in particular – to have a little area to play while we’re doing other things.

That’s when Michael remembered the millions of Peppa Pig figurines that Hadley always has laying around. Lemme just tell you, this girl absolutely loves that show. She even started talking in a British accent for awhile (it still comes and goes). So what better way to have her included in the work area and help to maintain all her little Peppa Pig thingymabobs?

Repurpose an old TV Hutch into the perfect play space for your own Peppa Pig fanatic!

Repurposed TV Hutch Into Peppa Pig Play Area

To start, this project was super easy and super cheap; my two must-haves! The materials were all things we either A. already had on hand or B. could pick up at the store for a reasonable price.


  • Foam board- $4.99
  • Turf- $3.57 ($2.38/linear foot at Home Depot)
  • Blue wrapping paper- $3.99 (This could have been avoided if I had been able to find a light blue poster board)
  • Assorted foam sheets- $5.64
  • Fancy new knobs- $5.94 (Had picked them out all by herself!)
  • Paint and primer- on-hand
  • Paint rollers and brushes- on-hand
  • Hot glue gun- on-hand
  • Storage bins- on-hand
  • Old, beat up hutch in need of love

Total cost: $24.13

The cost of this project will vary depending what you already have on-hand. Luckily, we always have a bunch of random materials from previous projects laying around. 🙂

Step one: PAINT! 

Because this was going to be out in the garage and we didn’t really care about it looking super perfect, we just spot-sanded a bit and threw on a couple coats of paint. 

It turned out super cute in my opinion, and if a super smooth and flawless finish is what you’re going for, you can always do a full sand!

Step two: KNOBS!

Here are the doors all painted and pretty. I took Hadley with me to get all the supplies and she was immediately drawn to these crystal-looking glass knobs. She was so excited about the end result!

Step three: TURF!

For some reason, I thought this stuff was gonna be outrageously expensive. I went in thinking I was gonna have to buy this humongous roll just to trim off a tiny little portion to lay inside the hutch. Luckily, this wasn’t the case! The awesome guys at Home Depot informed me that you can just cut off however much you need and that’s it. And the best part? It was only $2.38 a foot! I only needed about 18 inches, so I think I got a killer deal.

Step four: BACKGROUND!

This part was honestly a little tricky. On our first attempt, Hadley and I tried painting a plain white foam board blue and it ended up bowing when it dried. We tried flattening it but it just wouldn’t work. And because we hadn’t been able to find a light blue board that was big enough, we decided to improvise and just wrap the one we had with blue wrapping paper. It turned out surprisingly okay!

The sun, clouds, hills, and tree were made from little thin sheets of foam. I tried to make it as Peppa Pig-y as I possibly could! 🙂

Step five: PLAY!

I cannot stress enough how excited this girl was to do this project. From the moment we mentioned the idea, it was all she would talk about. “When are we gonna start making my Peppa Pig area?” “Are we gonna go buy some stuff for my Peppa Pig area?” And the entire time we were working on it, she had to be involved. Let’s just say we’re still discovering random splotches of white paint all over ourselves!

Overall, I think it turned out great. Everything fits great and Had now has her own little area of the garage where she can play and have fun while we work on things. It’s an awesome way for us to keep an eye on her and help her to feel involved while still being able to focus on our work (for the most part)!

I don’t know if this girl will ever tire of this cheeky, muddy-puddle-jumping little pig, but I suspect it won’t be anytime soon… 🙂 And if she does, we already have another one hopping on board the Peppa train. (Riv loves anything her sissy does!)

Until the next project!

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