A little late, but we all know what it’s like trying to keep up with our growing babies! Miss Blue is approaching a year now and I’m still trying to accept that she’s not my little potato anymore. Crawling, cruising, standing, and now almost walking! It’s so awesome to see her thriving and doing so well, but at the same time it makes me a wee bit sad.

And please, someone tell me they noticed the Crocs?! 

The hair. Don’t blame me, there’s nothing I can do with it! It’s not quite long enough to trim, but not short enough for me to just let it hang- it gets in her little eyes! But let’s be real, I’ve yet to trim Hadley’s hair at all sooooo if she’s never had a haircut, things aren’t looking to good for Riv…

But that smile though! Some things never change; Baby Blue is still just as smiley as ever, especially when she’s full and fat. I’m actually pretty surprised with how much she loves tofu… It’s normally one of those things you have to kinda get used to.

But then we come to the other side of her personality… 

Sass. This was her face when Sissy took her toy she was playing with. She was absolutely over it! This girl is, as you all know, extremely particular. I mean, it’s pretty cute since she’s so little, but I can’t wait for the teenage years… ha! 😉

Strike a pose… This girl is so dang musical! She’s started dancing up and down in her crib in the mornings when I come in to get her up. At first I thought she was doing it because she was excited, but I quickly noticed that she only ever did it when I would come in the room singing a song. 

I guess it makes sense; I mean, my dad always sang and made up songs the entire time I was growing up, and I definitely do the same exact thing. No wonder my girls love music so much. 🙂

So in her last couple months of babyhood, I’m gonna try to enjoy every single moment; good or… not so good. ♥

See River at 9 months!

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