And so we come to the “hangry and cranky” edition of River’s monthly photos… I was already super late this month, so I decided to just take the pics and get ’em on here. Unfortunately, I chose the magical time between bath and lunch time, and this girl just was not havin’ it!

Not to mention that she’s also not feeling very well lately (notice the snot). Poor thing! I swear she’s been sick more times in 11 months than Hadley has her entire life.

However, she’s still hungry as ever and growing like a weed! She’s taken a sudden liking to blueberries recently and I’m honestly a bit surprised! I mean, Riv is a superstar when it comes to eating; she’s the least picky kid I’ve ever met. Having said that, she still is one of the most particular eaters ever. If she doesn’t want something right now, she either A. picks around it and eats everything else on her tray or B. knocks it onto the floor in a dramatic huff!

And of course, still teething! She’s already getting some more teeth coming in, which makes sense because she’s been generally grouchy and soaking all of her outfits with drool! To put it into perspective, Hadley only had 4 teeth through on her first birthday, so Riv might beat the record… 😉

She also makes the same exact face I do when I see pizza! Seriously though, this cheesy little grin is a new thing lately, and it’s the best! Such a little ham…

She’s still her happy little self the majority of the time, always smiling and giggling. She’s also started clicking her tongue out of nowhere. Oh, the joys of discovering how things work! 🙂

Although not walking yet, this girl is definitely trying. She’ll stand for a few seconds by herself and then try to take a step before falling right back onto her hands and knees to get around, you know, the faster way. 

I love this little goober so much, and I can’t believe she’s coming up on one year already! So I’m gonna try and enjoy this last -almost- month as much as I possibly can! 

Oh, why do they grow so fast? ♥

See River at 10 months!

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