And so we’ve finally come to it (a couple days late, but you should be used to this by now). Also, I haven’t been posting like at all lately but I promise you, big things are coming to the blog! But anyways, my sweet River Blue is a year old. Right before our eyes, she has grown into the bright, silly, beautiful girl we see today. 

Smiles for dad! I always have Michael help me out with her monthly pictures because he’s the best at making her smile. He’s always been her favorite, I’ll admit it! 😉

We also gave her her first haircut, but only the bangs.

This picture more accurately describes her mood that day. She had just had her 12 month checkup, complete with three new vaccines (no fun!) and she was not a happy camper. 

One thing I noticed too was that she actually lost a little weight! I’m sure it’s because she’s off bottles and being more active, but it was just shocking to see that miss 95 percentile and above was finally starting to plateau!

Some things, however, never seem to change… Trying to get a nice picture of these two together is almost an impossible task. Riv does not like being handled by her sissy! On a rare occasion though, I can snap a couple quick pics while they’re not looking… 🙂

And of course we had to do a cake! Riv was absolutely bananas about it, as you can see. (Also, her hand is not that close to the candle- the picture just makes it look that way!)

And of course we needed Had to help blow out the candle. 🙂

Riv was so excited, she actually started shaking after she tried it! She couldn’t get enough…

And eventually just started shoving handfuls in her mouth.

My sweet River Blue, how fast you’ve grown! Happy Birthday ♥

And now on to toddlerhood!!

See River at 11 Months!

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