BOO! One of the scariest parts of having a baby is how dang fast they grow! My goodness, it wasn’t even that long ago that we took this little goober home and now she’s ginormous! I mean, with her pretty much constant feeding, I can’t say I’m surprised. We recently started baby food (nothing major, just a couple spoonfuls here and there) and oh em gee, I thought we’d never get here! This girl is seriously a bottomless pit.


Despite being quite the little chunk, River is actually pretty dang mobile. She’s been able to hold her head and chest off the floor for over a month now and a couple weeks ago, she started rolling over! That’s right, folks; we’ve got a roller on our hands!

She started out rolling from her tummy to her back, just as Hadley did, but then she started doing it the opposite way as well and took us by surprise! 


My little pumpkin ♥


After Hadley saw me putting the pumpkin next to her sissy, she wanted to help me out by putting her stuffed bunny in the shot as well. Riv was definitely a fan! Whenever we do these little monthly photo shoots, I always make sure to include Hadley as well, especially since River loves her big sissy!


Hadley likes to lay down next to River and say, “I’m a baby!” It’s funny, she either pretends to be a baby too or she takes makes fun of takes after me and cares for her own baby dolls. Which is a  good balance, I think! We actually got her her this baby car seat for her dolls since she had started piling them all up in River’s and she absolutely loves it! 


Ugh, my baby is getting so big! But aside from her physical size and milestones, she’s also very smart, and very observant. She’ll sit in her bouncy seat (which she’s almost too big for now) and just look at the world, babbling, giggling, and taking everything in. 

She recently started doing this adorable little shriek thing when she thinks something’s funny (she sounds just like a pterodactyl). She’s also crazy about her toys, particularly this little green ball that she loves to shake and chew on. All around just a bright little girl!


My sweet River Blue, you’re growing into such a strong, beautiful, brilliant little girl. I’m proud and extremely honored to have you as a daughter. 4 months down, but many, many more still to come! ♥

See River at 3 months!

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