River at 5 Months

Happy -almost- Thanksgiving!

So I know this is waaaaaaay late, but our River Blue is 5 months (and 11 days) old! Poor baby girl has been sick for nearly a week now, just like Hadley was before her, and Daddy was before her. Let’s just say the carpet cleaner has been being put to good use. Luckily(?) I’m the only one who hasn’t had to suffer through the full blown misery. 

I was finally able to snap a few quick shots of Riv while she was feeling somewhat better. She’s getting so incredibly big and I just know these photo shoots are gonna continue to get more and more difficult to pull off. The only way I was able to get her to stay still was by having Michael stand behind me and distract her!


That bib, though! I bought it at Target (of course) and as soon as I saw it I knew I just had to get it. Beast Mode, anyone? It’s absolutely fitting, of course, because this girl is such a chunk! She is pretty much always eating! 

As I mentioned in her 4 month update, we recently started her on baby food and she loves it! Once she was doing well with the sweet potatoes and squash, I gave her a few bites of apples and she was wild about them! But in all honesty, food isn’t the only thing this girl likes to munch on… anything will do!


And I mean anything! Not even my decorative gourds were safe from her insatiable need to chew! And judging by the constant waterfall of drool flowing out of her mouth, perhaps we aren’t too far off from a tooth or two poppin’ through?

She’s also taken a serious interest in her toys (particularly light up ones) and has actually been scooting around during her floor time! That’s all I need… a crawlin’ baby!


Look at that pout… One thing that Riv has always been good at is letting us know when she’s over something. She’ll be happy and giggling one second, then kicking and fussing the next. And that’s exactly what happened with this 5 month shoot! Although I didn’t get a ton of pics like I normally do, I’m just so thankful that I have a strong, healthy, and all-around happy baby girl. Even when she’s feeling icky, she’s still the sweetest little thing. 


And can we just take a moment to talk about this onesie?! It puts together two of my favorite things: Lord of the Rings and babies! ♥

See River at 4 months!

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