River at 6 Months!

If someone had told me when River was born that she would be HALF A YEAR OLD in like two seconds, I would’ve brushed them off and thought, “nah… look how teeny she is!” And now here we are, 6 months later, and I just can’t believe it!! I swear we were just in the hospital holding our little bean for the first time!

River Blue is getting huge, you guys. We haven’t had her official 6 month appointment yet, but it is officially confirmed that she is a moose. Who needs arm workouts when you can just lug an 18 pound baby around the house all day?!

River at 6 Months!

She is just the sweetest thing! I mean, Hadley was a pretty happy baby, but as long as Riv is fed and full, she’s so smiley and giggly and just… ugh! 

River at 6 Months!

Having said that, though, she is extremely particular. If she’s hungry and doesn’t get her bottle in like .2514 seconds, you’re in trouble! She’ll fuss and fuss until she gets it and then as soon as she has it in her little chubby hands, she’s completely content. 

River at 6 Months!

Those eyes, though! Some eventful highlights in the life of Riv this month include a first sight of snow, a new adaptation to “stranger danger”, and a trip to see Santa Claus! Seriously though, if Riv is held by someone she doesn’t see on a day-to-day basis, she’ll take one look at them at let out the saddest little cry. So sad but so cute!

River at 6 Months!

The good(?) girls! If you follow my Instagram, you know that we recently welcomed a surprise guest into our home; Rainjo the Elf has been keeping an eye on these goobers for the Big Boss up north. They’ve been preeeeetty good and Had loves playing with and talking to her sissy! 

She’s been showing her different toys and books and it just melts my heart to see them bonding so well. ♥ (For now!)

River at 6 Months!
So although I can’t believe how fast time seems to be flying by, I’m trying to soak up every single second of it. As we enter into one of my favorite stages of babyhood – the “mobile” stage” – I’m excited to watch as she continues to grow and discover the world around her. 

Happy 6 Months, River Blue! ♥

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