There comes a time in every baby’s life where they kinda start to understand how this whole life thing works and they discover that their parents are really only there to make sure that they have every single thing they could possibly need. (What else are we there for, right? 😉 ) 

That time has come for Riv. She started crying here because we had rolled her onto her back after her third attempt of trying to crawl away. After I snapped a couple more pics, she was off rollin’ again. She has become a pro at letting us know what she wants, and if she doesn’t approve of something, we’ll be sure to hear about it!

Don’t ask about the hair…. (It was bath day, okay??) This girl is getting so. dang. big, I can’t even handle it! In just the past week or so, her little scoots have transformed into full on army crawls and she’s all over the place! Time to invest in some more baby gates. 🙂 

Another big development is her newfound skill of sitting up all by herself! She just rolls to her side, then pushes herself right up. She has toppled a few times already, but overall she is very strong! But wait a minute… what the heck is that thing she’s looking at?!

Look out, Riv, there’s a big ol’ dog behind you! Rebel had been promised a walk the other day, and was waiting very patiently as we busted out a few pics. Such a good boy ♥ 

And if you couldn’t tell by fact that she’s 20 pounds, this girl loves to eat. Her overall daily bottle count hasn’t gone down at all, but she now enjoys 1-2 solid food meals as well! Such a chunk… but as I’ve said before, I love me a chubby baby 🙂

Sisters! Our morning routine since Riv moved into the room with Had at night (which I totally forgot to mention in her monthly highlights!) has consisted of reading a few books before breakfast. Hadley chooses the most colorful books to show Riv, and she even tries to read with her. The bond that they share is so special, it just melts my heart. Now if only I could just get Had to grasp the concept of “gentle”. ..  😉

7 months have come and gone… can you believe it? I’m still trying to. But we are just entering one of my favorite stages, and this is where things really start to get interesting!

River Blue, you are getting so big, so bright, so beautiful. You are loved by so many and every moment we get to spend with you is a blessing. 


See River at 6 Months!

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