Better late than never, right? So Miss Blue is getting so dang big, I just can’t believe it. And when I say big, I mean so big that I can barely lug her around in the car seat anymore! I am seriously considering buying her a convertible seat that just stays in the car because… dang.

Isn’t this just the cutest little outfit? I had bought this little romper for Had when she was about the same age and now it fits Riv just right! The pink boots are also handed down, and I could barely zip them around her chubby little thighs!

I give Riv maybe another couple weeks before she’s full on crawling (tummy off the floor). And in case you’ve never taken pictures of a mobile baby before; it’s nearly impossible. My tips for you would be to either dangle food behind the camera to hold their attention or…

Hire help! Hadley knows when we’re about to do our monthly shoot and gets super excited to take pictures with her sissy. When she saw that River was wearing cute little boots, of course she had to rock some as well!

Since she’s in preschool now, Had’s been getting so good at doing things all by herself- getting dressed, going potty, using her words more effectively. Plus, Riv gets to visit her at school and see all the cool stuff!

These two are seriously sooooo cute. However, now that Riv is older and not so delicate, the whole “gentle” thing has gone completely out the window. It’s come to the point where I count the seconds until I hear a loud thud from the other room from Riv toppling over. (She’s always alright, of course! 🙂 ) 

Chunk! This girl eats so much. And she’s really branched out in the last few weeks; she eats oatmeal (mixed with pretty much any pureed fruit), and PUFFS! You know which ones I’m talking about… the ones that you end up eating more of and have to constantly buy because they’re so delicious?

“Hang on, Mom… I’m looking at something outside.” 

Riv is very observant all the time now. She’ll examine everything and everyone around her and is usually pretty content. But of course, the best way for her to the things around her is to put them into her mouth! And speaking of, this girl had two teeth come in  this month- just a few days apart from each other! 

Let’s just say, apart from having a happier baby, we’re all just glad there’s not as much drool anymore! 🙂

Love, love, LOVE my goober girls!!


See River at 7 Months!

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