What is the world coming to?! Sweet Miss Blue is 9 months old! I mean, since she was born, I’ve been saying the whole “holy cow, this old already??” thing, but 9 months? She might as well be a year! We have a little ways to go yet, thank goodness!

River is so dang happy. She loves smiling at people in the store and striking up conversations. She’s really expanded her vocabulary the past few weeks; she’s learned “t-t-t”, “s-s-s”, AND “ma-ma-ma” (finally)! She also has this weird demonic growl thing she likes to do… Creepy kinda cute!

Smiley girl! She did not like wearing these shoes, guys. But then again, she hates anything on her feet. I don’t even put socks on her most of the time anymore, because she just pulls them right back off. At least it’s getting to be warmer out, I suppose.

Tickles! These girls love, love, love each other! (But we all already knew that…) Riv wants to be wherever and do whatever her big sissy is!

Look at those teeth! She cut these monsters somehow without me knowing recently, one right after the other. Which brings the overall tooth count to four! Ding ding ding!

A  couple other cool updates: Riv is no longer in an infant car seat. (Hauling around 23 pounds of pure chub takes a tole on the body!) She’s officially in a convertible car seat! We went with the Graco 4ever All-in-One. Loving it so far!

Also, we finally ran out of our extensive disposable diaper stash (thanks, extreme couponing!) so we’ve decided to give cloth diapers a try. So far, so good! We are currently using these and they’re awesome and have super adorable patterns!

I just love this girl so much. It’s just so awesome to experience all of these fun stages and milestones all over again. Recently, Riv has really taken a liking to listening to music. She enjoys Ed Sheeran and Katy Perry the most, which is funny because Hadley was into similar music when she was this age. 

It’s also good for when she’s fussy in the car; just turn on her jam and she settles right down! 🙂

This look. The “I’m so over it, Mom” look… This girl has so much attitude. She’s particular and not afraid to let us know what she wants and when she wants it. I suppose this is a good thing, so we’re really never left guessing. The only thing is that if she doesn’t get what she wants in an extremely timely matter, we have about .0001 second before she goes from this…

… to this. 😉

See River at 8 Months!

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