Toddler Craft: Upcycled Racecars


With Had being out of school, and the weather being a little to hot to go out every single day, we’ve been in need of a new craft around here!

A couple months ago, I posted about the upcycled flowers we made from squeeze pouch lids because I had a bout a million and a half of them taking up space in my kitchen drawer. And well, they started accumulating again so I started thinking about what we could make next!

And because Had and my nephew Brodie have been all about Cars lately, I thought, why not make some racing cars of our own?


  • Toilet paper/paper towel rolls
  • Squeeze pouch lids
  • Cake pop sticks (straws or something similar will work as well!)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • Optional: Paint, stickers, glitter, googly eyes, construction paper, etc. to decorate!

We started by decorating our cars and paint was an absolute must for Had! Any excuse to get messy…

Fun fact: there is no age limit on these! 😉 My sister ended up making a super cute polka dot one! (Partially because Brodie refused to wear the smock- c’mon man, it’s cute!) We allowed the paint to dry then added some fun stickers, including numbers of course.

Then it was time for the wheels! Our original idea was to use straws, but they were a little to thick for our hole punch and the wheels wouldn’t turn very well. So we ended up using cake pop sticks and just cutting them down to size- it worked great! 

Just fill the center of each lid with glue, allow to sit for a few seconds, then add the stick! We waited about 20 seconds or so for the hot glue to cool a bit because it was melting the sticks and causing them to bend.

Drying hack! So I needed the axles to be as straight as possible, but didn’t want to  hold them in place… Luckily my sister found these bag clips and they worked like a charm!

Once the first wheel and axle are dry, poke two holes in the roll to poke it through. I did this on the lower half of the roll so that it would be further off the ground. Repeat for the back wheels and you’re done!

The end result is a super cute little car that actually rolls and will keep your little one entertained for well, at least a little while. 😉 Had of course chose number 3, my sister and Brodie went for 95 in honor of Lightning McQueen, and I rocked a totally awesome “12-Mobile” for my Seahawks! (With an avocado because avo is life.)

Let the races begin!

Until the next project!


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