We Moved! (Plus a Couple Other Awesome Updates)


HAPPY NEW YEAR! The past month has been so (and I mean SO) dang hectic! Hence, the reason why I haven’t posted in weeks. Life has just been throwing itself at us in full force lately and honestly, it’s been pretty hard to handle at times. Lemme break it down for ya:

First, there was “The Last Supper”-style Thanksgiving dinner. My parents finally came to an understanding about selling my childhood home of nearly 20 years, so we decided we’d have one last gathering there before it sold. Needless to say, it was a bit of a bittersweet experience. Spending time with family and stuffing my face with the wonderful bevvy of foods this holiday is oh-so famous for kept the sadness at bay for the most part. Which actually brings me to my next big piece of news…

Since I’m already the most ridiculously emotional person that I know of (I still cry when I watch The Lion King, kay? And pretty much any Disney movie ever made for that matter), the past few months have been so much harder for me with these… hormones. These pregnancy hormones. Yep! Michael and I found out in October that we’re gonna have another little one joining us Summer 2016!

Baby 2 US

Afterward, I approached Hadley and asked her if she wanted a baby brother or sister, to which her reply was “No brother! No sister!” and then proceeded to run away and bury her face in the couch. Goober! So you can imagine what it’s been like for me; the “morning” sickness (HA!), the fatigue, the mood swings… which brings me right into the next update!

The move. Now, if you’ve ever moved in your life, I don’t need to tell you how much of an absolute PAIN IN THE BUTT it can be. But now imagine doing all the packing, cleaning, lifting, hauling, etc. while pregnant! I would rather endure ten more natural births than go through that mess again! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one who likes to complain, but this baby’s not even the size of an apple yet and already they’re kicking my butt! But in the end, the important thing is that we finished the move in time and got all settled in just in time for…

Hadley’s birthday! That’s right, folks- we now have a two-year-old on our hands and let me tell ya, everything they say about it is true! I cannot, for the life of me, keep this girl from getting into everything! She’s just too dang smart, t00; learning new words and phrases every single day. The party itself was oodles of fun, though! I decided to go with a winter/woodland theme and everything turned out super fun and cute.

Hadley Bday

And finally, there was Christmas… And because Hadley is a toddler now, I assumed she was old enough to really get into the whole “Santa’s gonna come and give me a bunch of presents” thing. (A.k.a. Santa spent more than he’d like to admit with his Amazon Store Card this year.) I wasn’t totally wrong. She did enjoy ripping open all the gifts, but only if they were from us and not from Santa. Every time we would tell her one was from him, she would flop on the floor and not want anything to do with it. I guess there’s always next year! 😉


In all honesty, it seems crazy how fast 2015 seemed to come and go. It was a great year full of good times with family and friends and I can’t wait to see what 2016 has in store for us. 🙂

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