When I Need It the Most…


Lately, stress has been getting the best of me. For one thing, being a full-time SAHM isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do in the world. Although some would argue that this isn’t a “real job,” it certainly doesn’t require any less time, energy or effort than one. On top of the actual care of your child, there’s also the house cleaning (or lack thereof), meal planning, grocery shopping (including all the meticulous deal planning and coupon clipping,) bill paying, trying to maintain your social life (to some degree) and whatever else life happens to throw your way. You are constantly juggling so many things at once that anything could go wrong, and trust me, it will.

As for me, I’ve been seriously struggling with finding my motivation. Some days I just lack the drive to fulfill my momly duties and find myself lounging on the couch for hours with Hadley, eager to find out what the Letter of the Day is going to be. Of course, I wouldn’t consider this to be a bad day by any means, but it’s not quite my idea of what an ideal day might entail… You know, where I have seemingly endless amounts of energy and feel as though I could climb a mountain! (i.e. the mountain of dishes that has taken over my entire kitchen.) Unfortunately, days like this don’t happen nearly often enough!

So the other day, life was really trying to get the best of me; Hadley was refusing to nap (which is her new favorite thing,) I was beyond tired despite the giant cup of coffee I had guzzled down that morning, the house was a wreck, I had a to-do list a mile long, and I had stepped in at least two piles of puppy poop. I was making my rounds cleaning up the usual scattered toys around the house when I seized the opportunity to stop for a minute and rest. Beyond frustrated, I concluded that there was absolutely nothing wrong with spending the rest of the day sitting on the floor with my head buried in my hands. After a few moments, I looked up to see Hadley two inches away, staring right at me. Before I could even say anything, she leaned in and laid her head on my shoulder. I’ll be honest, it was probably the last thing I was expecting to happen that day. She stayed there for a couple seconds, until I couldn’t stand the cuteness anymore and just scooped her up and started bombarding her with kisses! After the well-deserved giggle fit had ended, she proceeded to run around the house yelling “nummy! nummy!” and was back to her old self again…

And it is in these moments that I’m reminded of the reason why I push myself to be the best mom I can be every single day. Although I can’t always be the perfect Supermom, at least I know that to my daughter, I’m pretty darn close.


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