101 Easter Basket Ideas for Babies and Toddlers (That Aren’t Candy!)


Easter has probably been my favorite holiday  since I became a parent. Something about making the cute basket, decorating the eggs, and watching Hadley have so much fun with the scavenger hunt; ahhh it’s all just so cute! Plus, I love being the Easter Bunny. ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

Hadley was only a few months old on her first Easter, so we didn’t really go “all out” on activities for her; just all the necessary “My First Easter” stuff. Last year was a bit more fun because she actually showed interest in opening up her basket (mostly just for the snacks that were in there, but hey). What she really got excited about, though, was the egg hunt we did in our front yard. Since she was still a little young, we just scattered eggs around in the grass and let her run around and collect them. We had stuffed them all full of little crackers, puffs, and pairs of socks. She just loved it!


Ugh- she was so little! Time, if you could just slow down a little bit, that’d be greeaaaaaat.

This time around, I wanted to focus on outdoor activities as well as items that would promote her creativity. She is so dang smart and all over the place! And since my frugality has only increased (and will only continue to increase most likely), I really wanted to keep costs to a minimum this year. Last year, I went a little crazy and spent probably close to $75 on her basket. This time, I was able to get a bunch of super cute items- most of which were only a dollar! Also, I wanted to kind of hold off on putting an -excessive- amount of candy in there. There are plenty of other yummy alternatives! 

I honestly think that for how little it cost to make, it turned out super well! And since everything’s pretty much packed in there and a little hard to see, I’ve included a breakdown of every item and its price: 


All found in the dollar section at Target! 
Grow kits- $1 each
Tools- $1 each
Gloves- $3


Sunglasses- Dollar Tree ($1)
Socks- dollar section at Target ($1)
Gummy bunnies- Easter section at Target (when I bought these, I didn’t consider them as “candy”; however, I’ve since been told otherwise ๐Ÿ˜‰ ).  ($1)
Sippy cup- Target near the kitchen and dining section ($3.99)


Bubbles- outdoor toy section at Target ($.99)
Easter stickers- dollar section at Target ($1)
Frozen Sticker pad- Dollar Tree ($1)
Coloring Book- dollar section at Target ($1)
Markers- art section at Target ($2.45)


Once again, all found in the dollar section at Target! (The plate and utensils didn’t fit in the basket with everything else in it.)
Sidewalk chalk- $1
Utensil set- $1
Plate- $1

Total cost for everything: $22.43! Plus $2.50 for the actual basket itself and $1 for the paper grass, making it a grand total of $25.93. ๐Ÿ™‚ 

And now, I’ve compiled a nifty list of ideas of what to put into your little one’s basket this year. Enjoy! 


101 Easter Basket Ideas for Babies and Toddlers (That aren’t Candy!)


1. Wooden puzzles
2. Fridge magnets
3. Stacking rings
4. Flash cards
5. Shape sorter
6. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Click ‘n Learn Remote
7. VTech Rhyme and Discover Book
8. LeapFrog Scribble and Write


9. Sidewalk chalk
10. Bubbles
11. Beach toys
12. Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Pitter Patter Caterpillar Bat and Ball Set
13. Jump rope 
14. Garden Wagon & Tools Set
15. Seeds
16. Water balloons
17. Nerf football
18. Learning Resources Pretend & Play Fishing Set

Arts and Crafts:

19. Jumbo crayons
20. Coloring books
21. Play-Doh
22. Stickers
23. Crayola Washable Fingerpaint
24. Stamps
25. Silly Putty
26. Markers
27. AquaDoodle

Bath Time:

28. Bath paint
29. Munchkin Squirtin Bath Toy, Sea Buddies
30. Rubber ducky
31. Bubble bath
32. Body wash
33. Crayola Bathtub Crayons
34. Loofah
35. Washcloths
36. Foam bath letters

Food & Drink:

37. Puffs
38. Yogurt melts
39. Crackers
40. Happy Tot Organics Pouches
41. Animal crackers
42. Goldfish
43. Fruit snacks
44. Juice box 


45. Where Are Baby’s Easter Eggs?
46. Peppa’s Easter Egg Hunt
47. Bright Baby Touch and Feel Easter
48. Hop! Hop!
49. My First Easter
50. Ollie’s Easter Eggs
51. I Love You, Honey Bunny
52. Easter Surprise (Peter Rabbit)
53. Happy Easter, Mouse!
54. Frozen Olaf Welcomes Spring

Clothing & Accessories:

55. Sunglasses
56. Headbands/bows
57. Sun hat
58. Swim shoes
59. Stick-on earrings
60. Socks
61. Slippers
62. Swim suit
63. Bunny ears 

Pretend Play:

64. Tool set 
65. Melissa & Doug Wooden Pantry Products
66. Tea set 
67. Doctor kit
68. Baby doll 
69. Little Tikes Count ‘n Play Cash Register

Health & Hygiene:

70. Toothbrush
71. Toothpaste
72. Character band-aids
73. Teethers
74. Hairbrush
75. Sunscreen


76. Water bottle
77. Bibs
78. Sippy cup
79. Utensils
80. Snack cup
81. Plate/bowl


82. Mega Bloks
83. Lego set
84. Stuffed animal
85. Toy cars
86. Toy train
87. Harmonica
88. Toysmith Tech Gear Multi Voice Changer
89. Tambourine
90. Toy microphone
91. Maracas
92. Hide N Squeak Eggs
93. Blocks
94. Toy keys
95. Army men 
96. Car seat/stroller toys (baby)
97. Piggy bank
98. Xylophone
99. Little People
100. DVDs
101. Bouncy/light-up ball

Whew! Hopefully you were able to get a bit of inspiration from this list and are ready to get that basket together! What are some of the things you’ve put into your child’s Easter basket? ๐Ÿ™‚ 

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  1. Thanks a bunch! I was looking for inspiration for the grands Easter basket that isn’t candy. I’ll break down and put some in the basket but more fun stuff than junk

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