DIY Giant Floor Pillow + Hadley’s Finished Reading Nook!


I’m on a roll! Since I’ve been super productive with the girls’ room already (and since I haven’t done a DIY project in FOREVER), I decided to make a great big floor pillow for Hadley’s reading nook. Not gonna lie, my sewing machine was a little dusty, haha.


Cute colors, right? Following the mint and pink theme from my nursery inspiration post. 


My work station, complete with the juice box Hadley gave me. When I first started, she came over and pointed at the pin cushion and said “Ooooo, cake!” Goober!

Oh how I missed sewing. It’s just so fun being able to make all the cute stuff I’ve seen on Pinterest. Speaking of, that’s actually where I came across the tutorial for this pillow and it can be found here on Oven Lovin’. The instructions were super easy to follow the end result was exactly what I was hoping for. (The tutorial was for a 30″ by 30″ pillow, so I just modified it a bit to 36″ by 36″ since I wanted something a little bit bigger.)


After about an hour, I had basically an empty pillow shell that just needed to be stuffed. My method was a bit different than the tutorial in the way that instead of leaving one of the corners open, I left about a 6″ hole on one of the sides instead.


Stuffing was Hadley’s favorite part! She just absolutely loved grabbing that fluff and shoving it in that pillow. Gah, I wish I would’ve gotten some pictures, she had such a great time. 🙂 I probably could’ve done with two bags of poly-fil, but I wanted that thing to be as cushy as possible so we went ahead and used all three. 


Ta-da! I can’t express how happy I am of how it turned out. To finish it up, I made some envelope pillow cases for the pillow forms I had also bought at the craft store. They too were super simple to make. I followed a tutorial I found on Love Grows Wild and I just love, love, love them! The best part is that they’re easy to take off and switch up for a fresh look. I’ll definitely be making them again in the future. 🙂


P-e-r-f-e-c-t. Hadley loves flopping down on her new pillow and heck, so do I! That extra stuffing was worth it. It’s the perfect place to just snuggle up before bed and relax with a good book. 


Little Ham was totally posing for the camera and doing a darn good job at it, too! 



So now the nook is complete! This will be a nice little spot for Hadley to relax, enjoy some quiet time and maybe even snuggle up with her sister and read her stories one day. And now that the sewing machine is out, it’s staying out! Keep an eye out for my next project; it won’t be too long, I promise. 🙂 

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