Mother’s Day Upcycled Flower Craft


Mother’s Day is upon us, people! And in my opinion, the best gifts are the ones that you make yourself! So grab your glue guns, because I have a super fun, simple, and kid-friendly project that’s perfect for all the Mommas in your life!

Flower craft made from squeeze pouch lids and jumbo straws!

Whether you’re making these as a gift, or just need some cheap garden flair, these flowers are the way to go!

Over the past couple months, I’ve accumulated quite the collection of squeeze pouch lids. The round ones are from baby food, while the little winged ones are from the GoGo Squeez apple sauce pouches. (Hadley loves these!)

I had been trying to think of something to do with them, when I noticed that the apple sauce ones looked kinda like little leaves. I started arranging the caps on the table and voila!

The stems are made from jumbo straws that I buy at our local Safeway. They were the perfect size for the caps!

Everything is hot-glued together, I just laid them flat and glued them on one by one. 

And of course we had to make a Seahawks one! I found a couple plastic rings from Super Bowl XLVIII in my junk drawer and put them to good use. This is by far my favorite one!

Hadley was able to help me arrange the flowers on the table and monitored me while I was gluing to make sure I did it right… Goober!

Overall, this was a very fun little craft and I love when I’m able to find new use for things that otherwise would just get thrown away. I can’t wait to make some more and give them out to all my special Mommas! ♥

Until the next project!

Fun, simple, kid-friendly upcycled Mother's Day craft!

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