An Afternoon at the Lake


Spring is in the air! Thank goodness that groundhog didn’t see his shadow this year ’cause nice weather is scarce enough already here in Washington. Over the weekend, we got to enjoy some much needed sunshine and it was just so nice. Wanting to take full advantage, we decided to head down to Seattle to one of my favorite walking spots. 


Hadley was showing her Springtime spirit with her brightly colored outfit! 


Green Lake is a super fun place to visit all year round. A paved path follows the lake all the way around, allowing you to get your exercise on while enjoying the beautiful view. It actually makes for a pretty good workout at about 3.2 miles total! There are also sports fields, tennis courts and a nice big playground for the kiddos. 


I just love this lake; especially in the spring and summertime when it warms up a little and everyone is out with their kids and dogs having a good time. My ultimate dream is to get a nice pair of roller blades, put my headphones in and just make my way around the lake rockin’ out to some good tunes. Maybe one day 😉 There’s also a place where you can rent kayaks, which I’ve always wanted to do but never actually done. 

This time of year in particular is the perfect time to come and relax by the lake and watch the ducks! (And geese.) There were a ton of them hanging out by the shore, swimming around and enjoying the bread crumbs. Hadley was definitely a fan!



And what was super cute was that we kept seeing little duck couples everywhere! I hope that next time the lake is filled with little ducklings as well. 🙂 

After we walked around for a bit, it was getting close to lunchtime so we set out in search for somewhere to get a quick bite. One of the best parts about Green Lake is that there is no shortage of good food! There are a bunch of neat little places to stop at pretty much anywhere around the lake, and all that I’ve been to have been spectacular! This time, we were adventurous and decided to try something new. 


Greenlake Bar & Grill is a very “Seattle”, very modern spot with a simplistic, yet diverse menu that offers several unique dishes. They also offer an extensive drink menu which includes a wide variety of local beers. You can find a full list of all their menus here.

After going back and forth for a good five minutes, I finally decided on the Greenlake chicken club. Topped with bacon, roasted roma tomatoes and a chipotle mayo sauce, this was easily one of the best chicken sandwiches I’ve ever had. You can tell just by the picture how delicious this sandwich is!


YUM! Michael went with a more unique choice (something I’d never actually heard of before); The BAMB burger: a beef and lamb patty topped with feta cheese, prosciutto, and a yummy pesto mayo. I swear, that thing was gone in under five minutes. All in all, the food here was extremely satisfying and we all left fat and happy. If you’re ever in the area, I’d definitely recommend Greenlake Bar & Grill as an excellent spot to stop for lunch!


The squad enjoying their lunch. Even Hadley’s mac & cheese was absolutely scrumptious! 


Such a perfect way to spend the day with my little family; getting out of the house, away from the couch and the tv and just enjoying the natural beauty our state has to offer. Green Lake is and always will be one of my favorite places to visit in Seattle! (Especially since it’s 100% free. Forgot to mention that ;)) 

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