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Our typical Washington weather has returned! Well, at least it did, for a little bit. A couple days of clouds and gloominess had turned me into a serious couch potato. Michael and I actually got in a pretty decent (and slightly embarrassing) amount of hours into our Minecraft world! (Which I’d rather not get into here, lol.) But because the weather is back to being all sunny and glorious, we decided to pry ourselves from the couch and go to one of our favorite spots and take a nice little stroll.

It’s called Centennial Trail, which stretches nearly 30 miles from Snohomish all the way up to Arlington.

(Photo courtesy of centennialtrail.com.)

We always start out at the Machias trailhead and then make our way south toward Snohomish.

This trail is absolutely gorgeous, giving you a little glimpse of everything nature has to offer. We’ve been walking it for years, and was our main go-to when I was nearing the end of my pregnancy and trying to get Hadley to come out. (Walk, walk, WALK!)

This was Hadley’s first real time walking the trail all by herself without having to stop to ride in the stroller. As in, she refused to ride in the stroller at all! This girl is all about walking, running, playing now!

And is also slightly obsessed with rocks, and has been since she was about six months old. She loves playing with the gravel, picking up little handfuls and putting them in little piles on the pavement. 🙂

After we looped back around and started heading back to the car, she did start to get a little tired and started to take frequent breaks right in the middle of the trail.

Good thing Dad’s always there to get a lift from!

It’s days like today that just make me feel so thankful to be with my little family in this gorgeous state. When you get out of your house and away from all the gadgets and games and technology, you begin to truly appreciate the world around you, and cherish the precious moments you have with your loved ones just a little bit more.

Until the next adventure!

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