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Well, if you live in Seattle or the surrounding area, you know what I mean when I say it’s unbearably hot. And if you don’t live in the area, I must inform you that, to us, anything over 70 is considered hot. So, being as though it has been in the mid (and for a couple days, upper) 80’s for over a week now, you can imagine how we’re feeling.

Now, about a month ago, Michael and I were sitting out in the yard watching Hadley play in her kiddie pool, when I suddenly had the wild idea to go out and purchase a full-size pool for everyone. Now, as this was a completely spontaneous decision, and not discussed nearly as thoroughly as it should’ve been, I definitely was not thinking about what we were actually getting ourselves into. Our yard won’t be that hard to level, right? 

Well, long story short, it was. But after three weeks, countless hours of digging, raking, scooping, bending, measuring, and two failed attempts at filling, we finally got it all set up and have been enjoying it through this intense heat wave.

Hadley absolutely loves the water; a fish just like her mom. After just a few days, she’s already gotten to the point where she wants to float by herself at times. (If you’re wondering why she looks concerned in the photo, it’s because I had gotten out to fetch my camera and she wanted me to get back in, lol.)

Although it was a lot of work, and I am now more sunburned than I think I’ve ever been in my entire life, all was worth it in the end. We can cool off without all the hassle and we have all the rest of the summer to enjoy it!

Oh, and my mom won’t stop referring to it as our “redneck swimming pool.” 😉

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