The Brothers Greenhouses


The Kitsap Peninsula contains some of the most gorgeous places to visit in the state of Washington. And since my mom lives over there, the fam and I visit quite frequently. This last time we went over, we decided to drive around instead of taking the ferry so we could check out this super cool place we had heard a lot of great things about. 

Brothers Greenhouse 10

The Brothers Greenhouses

Brothers Greenhouse 13

The Brothers Greenhouses is an independently owned nursery and garden center that houses pretty much any type of plant you could think of. I mean, we walked around for over an hour and that wasn’t nearly enough time to take everything in. 

From flowers, to trees, to berry bushes, they have it all. They even have one of my favorite plants of all…

Brothers Greenhouses 02

Succulents! And lots of them. In case you didn’t know, succulents are one of the best plants to own, mainly because it takes a lot to kill them. 

Brothers Greenhouse 15

Check out the size of those tomatoes!! This place is seriously garden goals. Everything looked so happy and healthy and thriving.

We’ve really been wanting to start our own sustainable garden so we can have veggies and herbs on hand year round. One thing Michael had really been wanting was a blueberry bush, so we decided to pick one up while we were there. 

Brothers Greenhouse 16

Instead of going traditional, though, we ended up buying this pink lemonade one! One of the workers gave us a sample and they were UH-MAZING! I’m super excited for next spring when they start to grow! 

Brothers Greenhouses

They also have a bunch of super awesome fairy gardens for sale in their gift shop. I would absolutely love to make one of these with Hadley!  

Brothers Greenhouse 12

This one was called “The Shire” for obvious reasons. The little train that went around had a dragon on top of it, which I’m guessing is supposed to be Smaug (referencing The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien). 

Speaking of… as we were wandering around admiring all the glorious plants, we came across this sign…

Brothers Greenhouse 14

Ohhhhhhhh yes. This is what I had been waiting for! There were various other signs throughout, all pointing us in the right direction. And then we saw it…

Brothers Greenhouse 09

The Hobbit House! Oh em gee, this thing is fantastic. I’ve always wanted to visit the real Hobbiton, but since a trip to New Zealand isn’t exactly in the budget right now (and is also a bit difficult to plan with two little ones to take care of), I was ecstatic when I heard there was a little piece of that world right here in my home state. 

Brothers Greenhouse 01

It’s really hard to say who enjoyed themselves more, me or Hadley. When we first saw it, she ran right up to it and went inside. It was just her size! 

Brothers Greenhouse 02

Upon entering, there’s a little fireplace (which works!) and a little wooden chair to pose in for pictures. It was actually pretty comfortable, too! 

Brothers Greenhouse 03

Hadley kept hogging it, of course, and shouted “I’m a king!” over and over again. 


Ugh, it was so, so, SO cool to visit. Ignore my paleness (remember I’m either ghost white or ruby red), but I was super happy to be in the presence of something so brilliant. 

Brothers Greenhouse 05

Before we left, I wanted to get a good picture of Hadley wearing these giant boots. I’m pretty sure they’re actually just empty planters, but it made for some hilarious photos nonetheless! 

She was kinda scared of them, so I had Michael try them on first. 

Brothers Greenhouse 17

Then when she still wasn’t having it, I stepped into them for a couple pics as well! Not wanting to be showed up by Mom and Dad, she finally came around…

Brothers Greenhouse 18

And nailed it! Love my silly girl.


Overall, the Brothers Greenhouses is an amazing place all around. If you’re in need of some plants, their prices are unbeatable as well. Our blueberry bush only cost $10.99! Plus, everything is organic and extremely well taken care of.  They’ve definitely gained some lifetime customers! 

Needless to say, Hadley didn’t wanna leave. She sat in the doorway for a good five minutes saying it was “her house”. I mean, can you blame her?

Brothers Greenhouse 11

Until the next adventure!

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