Every now and then, I like to put on some good music, cuddle up on the couch with some ice cream, and just go through old pictures. I have about a zillion and a half of them on my laptop (which may explain why it runs so slow nowadays), and all of them bring back terrific memories.

So, because I love looking back so much, I thought it would be fun to share some throwback pics with you guys and let you see a little bit of my past. I know it’s not Thursday, so we’ll call it a Flashback Friday. 🙂


To start, here’s a photo of me cooking dinner in mine and Michael’s first apartment together! I seriously miss those days. Not that I don’t love what my life has become since then, but there will just always be a special place in my heart for that tiny apartment and all our adventures that happened in it. 


Liiiiiiiiike getting our Rebel! Look how teeny he was! Funny story, I asked Michael if we could go *look* at these super adorable puppies down near Bonney Lake and then five hours later, we were dog owners. Lucy was not thrilled in the least, haha. 

And shortly after we found out…


we were having a baby! Here’s Hadley’s little corner of our bedroom (minus the crib). I thought I was so clever using that clothing rack to store her clothes. Luckily we ended up moving into a bigger place shortly before she was born.


Hellooooo! This was taken at The Olympic Game Farm on the peninsula, where you literally drive through and feed bread to a bunch of animals. The zebras were my fav! There are also these adorable bears that will wave at you in exchange for bread. Too cute!


Holy hair! This is from last summer, back when I had hair and could fit into high waisted shorts. I still have them tucked away somewhere in my closet; one day they will fit again!


And here’s a little Hadley for ya. I remember this day; I was taking pictures for my first ever blog post and she was being just too darn cute, I just had to snap a couple pics!


Here’s one that I kinda giggled at when I came across it. Just me, Hadley, and a giant tree! Taken at the Money Creek campground. 


From the same trip, the loves of my life sitting by the river. At the time, I had no idea I would soon have a River all my own. 😉


This one is just cool to me. I was up super early in the morning clipping coupons (must’ve been a Sunday!), when I decided to step outside and get some fresh air. I noticed the tiniest little snail making its way across the railing and had to capture it. 

No joke, it was probably the size of my pinky nail, shell and all. 


And finally, I have this picture of me and Michael at the top of Mt. Pilchuck. I honestly didn’t think we’d get very good pics because it was so cloudy, but they turned out awesome! 

We had decided to take the back way down, and discovered this neat little lookout point, right near a little reservoir of fresh water. Too cool! I really hope to get back up there soon. Pilchuck is definitely one of my favorite hikes in Washington!

Nostalgia really is a bitter sweet thing. Sometimes I long to go back and revisit some of the great times I’ve had, and others I’m just grateful that I experienced them at all. Photos are the best way we can preserve our memories and keep them with us forever.

The only thing I have to worry about now is if something happened to my laptop. *knock on wood* I think it’s time to back up some files… 😉

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