Big Plans for the Nursery (+Before Pics)


At just about 20 weeks, it’s finally starting to hit me: we’re gonna have another baby! There’s so much to do, so much to prepare, and just things to figure out! And although we still have a ways to go before we welcome our little Bean into the world, I’ve already started think about the nursery. Because our house is three bedrooms and one of them is being used as a playroom for Hadley (since it’s -extremely awkwardly- placed right next to the front door), I’ve decided to have the kiddos share a room for now. But don’t worry; I’ve already spent an embarrassing amount of time on Pinterest researching others who have used this method, so I know I can make it work!


Note the adorable banner my mom made for Hadley as a baby shower gift. 🙂 As you can see, the room already has the basic accommodations needed for a toddler and a newborn (since we just recently made the transition from crib to Big Girl Bed and are still working on mastering the whole potty training thing), which makes it that much easier for us! First thing’s first: curtains are a MUST! 


One of the more major tasks is to give the crib a little facelift. If you look closely, you can see the chew marks along the back rail, and the front isn’t much better. My plan is to give it a quick run through with the sander, prime it up and then paint. I’m thinking a fun color; maybe a nice baby blue or grey. To finish up, I really want to break out the sewing machine and make some ultra cute crib bedding to match. (And some much-needed rail covers, of course!) Now, let’s talk about that door…


You may think that it’s a closet. But it’s not. It’s actually one of the weirdest things I’ve ever seen in a bedroom: access to the furnace and water heater. And since there’s not much I can do about this door (except baby-proof the heck out of it so curious little goobers can’t go late-night “adventuring”), I think I may hang some sort of shelving or organizer on it for Hadley to store her things. Might be a good place for stuffed animals? 


Next to Hadley’s bed, you’ll see the neat little nightstand I redid, which I’d really like to keep in the room if I can. And above is a perfectly blank wall canvas, just waiting to be filled with all kinds of fun artwork! I’ve already started experimenting with some designs via Illustrator (thanks to my good friend, Clarice!) and I’m looking forward to buying some cute frames and creating something great!


Lastly, we have the closet, which you can tell is not being used to its full potential just from the picture. What I’d really like to do is come up with a better storage solution so that it can fit not only both kids’ wardrobes, but other things as well, such as diapers, wipes, extra blankets, etc. 


My ultimate goal is to create a room that not only serves as a functional nursery for baby, but also allows Hadley to have a space that she can call her own and have fun in. I’m thinking a nice little reading nook! In order to make this whole idea work, though, I just have to be creative in furniture placement and come up with a layout that isn’t too cramped or cluttered. In the end, I think that it will be a super fun space for our babies. Stay tuned for the after pics!

Now, before we get started, we just have to find out what we’re having… 😉

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