DIY Birth Announcements with PicMonkey


Well, it only took me five weeks, but River’s announcements are finally finished and ready to mail out! Not too bad for a momma who also has a busy (and slightly naughty) toddler on her hands! But part of the reason why these took a little longer was because I decided to design them myself using  PicMonkey

DIY Birth Announcements with PicMonkey

 PicMonkey is a photo editing site that you can use to enhance pictures, create logos and designs, and make just about anything! I use it for pretty much all of my blog work (any pictures or designs you’ve seen on here were most likely created using this site) and it’s super awesome. 

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There are two options available for editing: free or paid subscription. To be honest, I used the free version for far too long before I switched over and I am so glad that I did! Signing up gives you so many more options for editing, such as exclusive fonts, frames, and tons of overlays.

You can get access to Royale for only $33/year or $4.99/mo if you choose to do monthly payments. 

DIY Birth Announcements with PicMonkey 2

Here is how Riv’s final announcements turned out! Almost everything seen here was made using the Royale features, minus the hearts, which I only added in the cover her last name (but I think it looks super cute with them as well). 

Creating your own designs is not only fun, but it’s also a great way to save money. If you have a decent printer, you can print them right from home on some 5 x 7 card stock or photo paper. Or you can bring a copy into your local office store and have them print a bunch of copies for you! 

Or you can always upload your own design to Shutterfly and have them send them to you (or mail them directly for an additional fee). This option is a bit more expensive, but I’ve found that the print quality tends to be significantly better. Plus, Shutterfly is always offering promotions and deals!

Be sure to give PicMonkey a try! The creative possibilities are endless. 😉

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