River 1 Month

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Now, I know every single parent in the entire world says this but here goes: I can’t believe how fast times flies. I mean, one minute I’m in the hospital holding my baby girl for the very first time, and now she’s already a month old!  

River 1 Month 02

First rule to newborn photography: never work on an empty stomach!

River 1 Month 05

There, that’s better. This girl absolutely loves to eat. But being the worry wart that I am, I’ll admit that I was pretty concerned about her weight there for awhile. My philosophy: fat baby = happy baby. 😉 She’s definitely pudging up very nicely, though!

As long as she’s not overly hungry, this girl is the chillest baby ever. She loves floor time, studying peoples’ faces, and long rides in the car. She is no longer in newborn clothing as of a few days ago, due to the fact that 1. they’re just too tight on her and 2. her big ol’ head barely fits through the head hole anymore! 😉

She can hold her head up off the ground for a few seconds at a time and has been doing so since she was born. She can also roll onto her side and back again. Strong baby alert!

River 1 Month 07

Gotta love those baby blues! 

Most peoples’ first reaction when they see her is “holy full head of hair, Batman!” and honestly, I have NO idea where these girls get their thick, dark newborn hair from. Hadley was the exact same way, whereas Michael and I both had white peach fuzz when we were little (mine didn’t grow in till I was like two according to my mom). 

I’m not complaining, though. I love, love, love her beautiful hair, although I have a suspicion that it may all fall out. I guess we’ll see! And if there’s one thing this girl loves most of all…

River 1 Month 08

it’s her sissy! It’s the cutest thing in the world seeing these two together. Although “GENTLE!” has become my new favorite word (repeated about a gazillion times on a daily basis), Hadley is actually pretty good with her. She loves to stroke her hair and touch her tiny fingers and toes. I’ve caught her on several occasions doing “This Little Piggy”. Seriously, too cute to handle. 

River 1 Month 09

Kisses! I swear, whenever I whip out the camera to snap a few pics of Riv, Hadley runs over and says “lemme take my picture, too!” and starts giving her hugs and kisses and just all kinds of love. It makes taking pictures super easy because pretty much all of them are adorable. These girls are seriously my whole world. ♥

River 1 Month 01

I guess it’s safe to say that I have a perfectly happy, healthy and all-around gorgeous one month old on my hands! Now if time could just slow down a little bit, that’d be great. Every time someone tells me “it goes by fast!” or “she’s getting so big!”, I feel a slight wave of sadness come over me. 

Yes, I know. I know it all too well. That’s why I treasure each and every moment. ♥

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