Monthly Bill Pay Checklist- Free Printable!


Over the past six months or so, Michael and I have opened up several new credit cards. Since our ultimate goal is to purchase a new car, followed -eventually- by a house, we’ve been trying to build up our credit as much as possible. With all the new due dates to keep track of, I knew that I needed a better way to organize all of my bills than just writing them all out every month and often forgetting to pay them until the very last minute. So! I created this Bill Pay Checklist to help me keep everything nice and organized and ensure that I never miss a payment!Bill Pay Checklist

It’s super easy to use, too! Just write out all your recurring monthly bills and expenses in the order that they’re due, write out the amount, and check it off after you pay it every month. This way, everything’s laid out right where you can see it without any unnecessary clutter. And of course, I’m offering this to you guys as a FREE PRINTABLE! Just click the link or the picture above to download and print!

When I first had the idea to make this checklist, I knew I had to put it on here so it could benefit others as well. With life being so busy all the time, it’s always nice to have access anything and everything that might just make it that much easier. 🙂 

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