Old Friends, New Baby!


Story Time 01

I’ll admit that I’ve been feeling a bit cooped up lately, which is to be expected when you’re a stay at home mom with a toddler and a newborn. That’s why I’m so so happy that I got to get out and see some good friends this weekend! 

Story Time 02

This is one of my oldest pals in the world, Josh. We went to middle and high school together and still keep in touch. He’s pretty awesome and Hadley loves him!

Story Time 05

We’ve recently started visiting him at work where he runs a cool little story time for the kiddos. It’s so fun watching Hadley interact. She’ll answer all the questions he asks her and 99% of the time just answers “yeah!” no matter what the question is. 😉

Story Time 04

Story Time 03

He got to meet Riv for the first time and of course it was super cute! And she may already have a slight obsession with his hair…

Josh and Hadley

just like her sister did! And speaking of hair…

Old Friends 06

That awkward moment when your baby has far more fabulous hair than you ever will. I swear it does that completely on its own!

 After story time, we got a surprise visit from one of my other oldest and dearest friends, Clarice. 

Old Friends 05

What can I say about this gal other than that she’s been there for me through every single hardship of my life and I love her to death? She’s the sweetest, most caring person ever and is just someone I can hangout with and be myself. She’s also extremely motivating and is always up for doing something active. 

Old Friends 04

So of course we had to get out and play some tennis! We played together in high school and it had been way too long since our last match. Also, I’m pleased to say that this was my first real workout (walking up stairs, pushing the stroller up hills and waddling around Target with a big preggo belly don’t count) since before I got pregnant.

In my defense, though, I had a somewhat difficult pregnancy that didn’t really allow me to do much exercising aside from walking. In any case, it was an awesome workout and so much fun!

Old Friends 03

Michael enjoyed himself as well. We’re both in agreement that we gotta get out and be more active. 

Old Friends 02

Messy hair, don’t care! Hadley was our official ball fetcher (or rather,  official “run after all the balls then hoard them inside her backpack” expert). She sure did love Clarice’s bright pink racket, though!

Old Friends

At the end of the day, we came home, enjoyed a nice dinner (and some wine ;)) and just relaxed. This weekend was a reminder that I have some truly amazing friends and that I should cherish every moment that the girls and I get to spend with them. ♥

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