I always make the mistake in thinking that Hadley couldn’t possibly be any more of a little goober, only to be proven wrong in the cutest and just plain silliest of ways. The other day, my sister, Kendall, was feeding my nephew, Brodie, some fresh blueberries she had just gotten at the farmer’s market.

Boobees 02

Brodie’s big blog debut! (Fun fact: Hadley and Brodie’s birthdays are almost exactly one year apart. His is only one week earlier :D)

Hadley had just finished munching on her favorite crackers when she decided to investigate on the mystery food that she was missing out on.

“Some?” she said, holding her hand out to my sister.

“Alright, Brodie’s done anyway. You wanna try some?” Kendall replied, handing Hadley the bowl of blueberries.

Without hesitation, she snatched the bowl away and began shoving them into her mouth, one by one. I watched in awe as my daughter devoured one of the very foods she used to cringe at the sight of! After just a couple minutes, I looked over to see Hadley holding the bowl up to my sister to ask for some more.

“Some? Some?” Hadley was so excited to have more blueberries!

“Okay, can you say ‘blueberries, please?” My sister glanced over at me to see if I had taught her how to say “blueberries” yet. I hadn’t.

“Boo-bees, peas?!” Hadley exclaimed, still holding out the bowl. Kendall and I gave each other one look and just  started cracking up. It was a bitter sweet moment; knowing that my daughter was learning how to use her words and proper manners, but also being suddenly reminded of something every parent dreads… My baby is growing up.

Boobees 01

Boobees 03

As promised, Kendall took the bowl and went to grab her some more blueberries, giggling to herself the whole time.

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