The Half Wipe Experiment


I’m always on the lookout for ways to save my little family money. I don’t really prefer being called a cheapskate, but if the shoe fits, it fits I guess! (As long as it’s on sale. 😉 )

In having a two year old who’s potty training and a two month old still in diapers, one thing we go through a ton of is baby wipes. And let’s be real, aside from diaper changes, us moms use these for everything; cleaning up spills, scrubbing counters, giving your toddler a wipe down in lieu of a full on bath. They’re something that are always on hand, so it’s very easy to think “oh, I have literally hundreds of them, so why not use one more?”. 

It’s this kind of thinking that ends up costing us more money than we actually need to spend. Now, since Michael and I have been aggressively paying down debt, I decided to try out a little experiment to see if I couldn’t save us just that much more on our monthly expenses. The results were nothing short of centsational! (See what I did there?!)

The Half Wipe Experiment

The Half Wipe Experiment

So, the concept here is incredibly simple. I kept a log of all the baby wipes I used for River’s diaper changes (to keep it simple) over the course of five days, and calculated the average used per day. Then, I repeated the process for another five days, only with the wipes cut in half. 

I know what you’re thinking. If the wipes are cut in half, wouldn’t you have to use twice as many to make up for them being so small? In short, no. The way I see it, when you use a wipe, you’re never truly using the entire surface area of it. You kinda go in a wipe, fold, wipe, fold, wipe motion, which causes large areas of the wipe to go unused. 

My theory was that if you cut the wipes in half, you’ll be using the same amount of physical wipes, but only half the amount of full wipes. So where you might have used 5 full wipes to change a single diaper, that number is slashed to only using 2 and a half. 

Was my theory correct? Let’s find out!

Note: Every baby is different and some may have a more erratic changing schedules than others . In Riv’s case, she doesn’t always have a poop every single day. However, this had no effect on the end results. The wipes I used were Huggies Natural Care. 

Full wipes:

Day 1- 13 
Day 2- 15
Day 3- 10
Day 4- 7
Day 5- 10
Total: 55
Average/day: 11
Average pee: 1
Average poop: 4.4

After noticing just how many wipes had been used in a five day period just for diaper changes alone, I became even more eager to use less than I needed to. It was time to cut them all in half!

To make things a little easier to follow, I included the total amount of half wipes that were used and how many full wipes they equate to. This way, we’re able to see how many we’re actually using in comparison.

Half wipes:

Day 1- 5 (10 halves)
Day 2- 2.5 (5 halves)
Day 3- 4.5 (9 halves)
Day 4- 2.5 (5 halves)
Day 5- 3.5 (7 halves)
Total: 18 (36 halves)
Average/day: 3.5 (7 halves)
Average pee: .5 (1 half)
Average poop: 2.2 (about 4 halves)


Just as I had expected, the amount of wipes used was cut by more than half of what I was using before. If you look at the totals and the averages per day between the full wipes and the half wipes, there isn’t too much of a difference; 55 full vs. 36 halves. So, in a way, we’re using the same amount of wipes, only they’re cut in half. This is exactly the result I was hoping for!

Even if the amount of halves had been the same at 55, that still would only equate to 27.5 full wipes used.  And if you look at the averages for pees and poops, they’re cut exactly in half. That. is. AWESOME!


This experiment couldn’t have gone any better. I now will be using half as many wipes and will cut back from 9 boxes a year (one every 6 weeks) to about 4 (one every 12 weeks). At $12.99 a box, that’s a savings of nearly $64 a year! And when you’re living in debt, every little penny counts. 🙂 Why didn’t I start doing this years ago?!

Be sure to give the half wipe experiment a try if you’re needing to save some cash! What other things around the house have you cut in half to save money?

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