A Beginner’s Guide to Couponing at Walgreens


Walgreens is one of my favorite stores to coupon at. Why? Because they offer a wide variety of ways you can save a ton of money! However, if you’ve never couponed here before, it can be a little overwhelming at first. Once you understand the basics though, it will quickly turn into one of your favorites as well! 


Balance Rewards Points

Before you embark on your first Walgreens coupon journey, your first step is to sign up for a Walgreens Balance Rewards Card. You can sign up here or next time you shop at Walgreens- just ask your cashier! 

The Balance Rewards Card is needed to score all the sale prices in the ad. Just have the cashier scan your card at the beginning of your transaction or type in your phone number. 


The other perk of using your Balance Rewards Card is that you will earn Balance Rewards points every time you shop (1,000 points = $1). There are a couple different point-earning scenarios you’ll come across. 



Buying a certain amount of items to get points. i.e. Buy 2, receive 2,000 points. Note that 2,000 points will be rewarded for every 2 items purchased in a single transaction (unless otherwise stated).



Spending a specific amount of money on certain items to get points. (i.e. Spend $10, receive 3,000 points.) With this type of Balance Rewards  offer, only one reward will be given in a single transaction. 

Rules for using Balance Rewards Points:

  • You cannot earn points when you are redeeming points. For example, if you are trying to do a buy 2, receive 2,000 points deal, you won’t earn those points if you try to redeem points that you had earned on a past purchase.
  • You can only redeem once you have earned 1,000 points or more. 
  • When stacking coupons with a points deal where a specific dollar amount must be met (i.e. spend $20, receive 5,000 points), the amount must be met after all Walgreens coupons have been scanned, but before any Manufacturer Coupons have been scanned. 
  • Points will not expire for three years if you use your Balance Rewards Card at least once every six months. 

Balance Rewards Point Values:


Store Coupons

Every week, Walgreens puts out In-Ad coupons that can be scanned at checkout. These coupons are available to all cardholders and usually have a limit stating how many times you can use that particular coupon. These can be stacked with Manufacturer Coupons!


Additionally, there is also a Monthly Savings Book that can be found in the front of the store near the weekly ads or I’ve also found them on the ends of isles as well. These are packed full of Store Coupons that can be also stacked with Manufacturer Coupons!

Rules for using Store Coupons:

  • In-Ad Coupons and Monthly Savings Book Coupons cannot be used together.
  • When using coupons from the Monthly Savings Book, the cashier only has to scan the barcode for each product once and it will automatically deduct for each individual item you are purchasing.

Register Rewards

Now, this is where things get a little tricky. Register Rewards are sort of like a Catalina Coupon good for your next purchase and will print out for buying a specific quantity of certain items. They are almost always advertised in-store, as well as in the weekly ad. 


Register Rewards offers are only valid once per transaction. That being said, if you wish to buy more of a certain item, simply do multiple transactions to print out more!

Rules for using Register Rewards:

  • You can use coupons and still earn Register Rewards. Both Store and Manufacturer Coupons can be used in a transaction and it will not affect your earnings.
  • You can’t “roll” Register Rewards. Say you want to get do the Ziploc deal pictured above. You complete your transaction and your Register Reward prints out. If you were to use that Register Reward to purchase 2 more Ziploc bags in a second transaction, then another Register Reward would not print. 
  • You CAN receive Register Rewards when you use Register Rewards from a different product. For example, say you received a $3 Register Reward for purchasing Huggies products in a transaction. For your next transaction, you are attempting the Ziploc deal again. If you use the Huggies Register Reward as a coupon, your Ziploc Register Reward will print out at the end.
  • You will earn Register Rewards in a transaction where you redeem points
  • You will earn Balance Rewards Points in a transaction where you use a Register Reward as payment

Coupon-to-Product Ratio

As part of the Walgreens Coupon Policy, the register will not accept more manufacturer coupons than there are products. If you are trying to purchase five items with five separate manufacturer coupons, but you also want to use a Register Reward (also considered a manufacturer coupon), you will have to add another item in order for all of the coupons to go through. 

The great part about this, though, is that the extra item can be virtually anything in the store. Check the weekly ad for items priced under a dollar, or grab a candy bar at the register and call it good! 

Digital Coupons

Walgreens.com has paperless coupons that you can “clip” and add straight to your card. These are manufacturer coupons and will deduct automatically at checkout when you use your Balance Rewards Card. You may have up to 100 digital coupons clipped to your card at one time. 


Rules for using Digital Coupons:

  • Digital Coupons cannot be stacked paper Manufacturer Coupons
  • Digital Coupons are single-use and will deduct from one qualifying item.

So now that you know all the basics, think you’re ready to gather up all your coupons and give couponing at Walgreens a try? Let me know about your experiences in the comments below! 🙂 

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