Free Fruit Card at Safeway!


Parents- heads up! So, I’m not sure if this is new everywhere, but the Safeway in my area has just recently started giving out these cute little Free Fruit Cards for kids that are good for one FREE banana every time you shop! The one they gave us looks like this:

Free Fruit Card at Safeway 02

As of right now, these don’t expire and they are good for a banana every single time you shop at Safeway! The only restriction is that the maximum price cannot exceed $1.00. (That would be one big banana!) All you do is present the banana and the card at checkout, and the cashier scans the bar code just like a coupon! Hadley just loves picking out her very own banana to hold onto while we shop and handing it to the cashier like a big girl. 🙂

Free Fruit Card at Safeway 01

So if you shop at Safeway, be sure to ask about these next time you shop. Those savings will stack up in the long run! Plus, I just love this idea. It’s never too early to teach your child how to save money!

Update 04/17/2016: Since I’ve posted this, Albertson’s has put out a Free Fruit Card as well! Exactly the same as Safeway, except kiddos can choose between either a banana or a single pack of Chiquita red apple bites!

Free Fruit Card at Albertsons

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