Second Trimester Must-Haves


Congratulations on making it through the (dreaded) first trimester! Hopefully my First Trimester Must-Haves list was able to help you out. However, the ride’s not over yet! Now you can move on to bigger and better things; you know, like actually getting through a whole day without feeling like you’re going to hurl every time you eat something. Next comes a much better time, an easier time, a more enjoyable time. Next comes the second trimester.

While the most common traits of the first trimester include nausea, vomiting, and fatigue, the second trimester is known for somewhat different things, such as back pain, heartburn, and pelvic pressure. Although there are still plenty of obstacles to overcome, I can honestly say that the second trimester is least miserable of the three. One positive thing that I’ve experienced with both of my pregnancies is a steady increase in energy as the first trimester comes to a close and the second progresses forward. 

For everything else you may come experience, though, I’ve come up with yet another list of the top 10 things I believe can assist you as you take on the second trimester. Enjoy!

Second Trimester Must-Haves

Second Trimester Must-Haves

1. Maternity Leggings

Now that you’re (probably) showing quite a bit, regular leggings just aren’t going to fit right anymore. Rolling the waistband down below the bump works for the short-term, but doing this for too long can start to feel constricting and it just isn’t very comfortable in general. The solution: maternity leggings! These are literally designed to fit around your bump! You may be wondering if they’re worth the money since you’ll only be wearing them for a few months, but trust me, they are! It makes moving around so much easier and eliminates the annoying pinching that normally comes along with doing everyday tasks such as bending (which we moms are constantly doing on a daily basis!). Plus, once on, they look just like normal leggings!

2. Tums

Some women, including me with my first pregnancy, don’t experience any  heartburn whatsoever. If you do, though, it can be extremely unpleasant to say the least! This time around, I haven’t been as lucky and have been having pretty frequent bouts of heartburn after eating certain foods. Luckily, there are several pregnancy-safe options for battling this condition, my favorite of which is Tums. Personally, I think that they not only provide the best relief, but also just taste the best. They also contain calcium, which is something your body needs a ton of during pregnancy.

3. Lotion

Included in my First Trimester Must-Haves list as well, I cannot stress enough how big this one is! It is never, I mean NEVER too early to start lathering up that belly! The earlier you start, the more elastic your skin will be, which will minimize stretch marks and leave your skin feeling super soft. Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter is all I use and it’s amazing!

4. Water

I will never not include this one. Water is so, so, so crucial during pregnancy, it’s important to drink as much as you can! To make sure I get the water I need, I’ve found that it’s easiest to just keep a bottle filled with ice water with me at all times and just sip it throughout the day. You don’t have to go overboard though (it’s recommended to aim for 64 oz. a day), just drink what you can; every little bit helps!

5. Body Pillow

One thing I feel like I could never get enough of during pregnancy? Sleep. I swear, I could hibernate for the entire nine months and still wake up feeling like I haven’t slept a wink. It doesn’t help when I can hardly ever find a sleeping position that’s actually comfortable! During the second trimester, your bump takes off and starts to grow and grow and grow, making it somewhat difficult to get comfy in bed. This is where a pregnancy body pillow really comes in handy. It provides full support for your tummy, hips, and back, allowing you to get a better night’s sleep. 

6. Belly Band

As baby continues to grow, there can  (and most likely will) be an increase in pressure on the pelvic area. I recently experienced this and there were times where I could barely even walk! They say that it gets worse with each pregnancy, so that’s probably why. I also feel occasional pressure and discomfort in my lower back and hips and at times it can be unbearable! After discussing the issue with my OB, he recommended buying a pregnancy belly band, which provides support and helps to lift some of the pressure off of the pelvic area. This in turn helps to relieve lower back pain! 

7. Heating Pad

If the belly band doesn’t completely alleviate your lower back pain, a good heating pad can also help do the trick. Just turn it on for about 20-30 minutes and let it work its magic! I wouldn’t recommend doing it for too long, as you don’t want to raise your body temperature too much. Just make sure you have it on a lower setting, and you should be good to go. 🙂 

8. Baths!

Holy water bill, Batman! I take more baths during pregnancy than any other time in my life combined. I’m pretty much classified as an aquatic mammal at this point. There are several reasons why I am such a strong pregnancy bath advocate, though! For one thing, the hot water can (like so many other things on this list) help to relieve back pain- just make sure the water isn’t too hot, though! Another big reason is just to have some relaxation time. Hauling around all that extra weight takes a huge toll on your body, and it’s nice to just unwind at the end of the day and chill. Plus, if you’re like me and have a toddler to chase around all day, you need the time to yourself! (Trust me, you do. Even if you’re the tough Momma who powers through it and doesn’t let it show.) If you’re not a huge fan of baths, though (if that’s even possible), just laying down for an hour or so with a good book can achieve the same affect. 🙂

9. Exercise 

You don’t wanna overdo it. I’ll just say it right now. But during pregnancy, light to moderate exercise is extremely important! With your due date only a few months away, you want to make sure your body is as ready as it can be for the impending labor its about to go through. I’m not saying run a marathon or anything, but even just getting out and walking every day is a great pregnancy workout! 

Don’t have any energy? I hear ya! This pregnancy has been significantly more draining than my first, so summoning up the energy -or motivation- is oftentimes pretty challenging. My advice is just to (quite literally) take it one step at a time and slowly walk further and further each day. 

10. Loose-Fitting Tunics

 I could’ve just said “maternity tops” and called it good, but there’s a reason why I prefer tunics. Because they’re long and loose, they will cover your bump while still remaining comfortable and cute. And although maternity tops usually will do the same exact thing, there’s one big thing that sets the two apart: time of use. Once you give birth, your bump is gone and pretty much all the clothes you bought exclusively for pregnancy are rendered useless. Tunics, on the other hand, can be worn and still look good even after the bump is gone!

I mean, you could continue to wear maternity tops postpartum, but they tend to have a certain style to them that makes it apparent they’re meant for pregnancy. If you’re interested in picking up some super cute tunics, I found these ones that I just love (and are awesome for the price)!

So there you have it. Hopefully this list was helpful to you in recommendations for a more enjoyable second trimester. What are some of the things that worked for you?

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