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I can’t believe my baby is growing up so fast! This age she’s at is so much fun and it really is true what they say; her mind is just like a sponge! Her new favorite thing is to walk around the house talking on the phone, mostly to Grandma, catching up on all the gossip. I’m sure that this came from her watching me, as I tend to pace around the house while I’m on the phone. She even does that little thing where you hold the phone to your shoulder when your hands are full, you know? Gosh, she just cracks me up!

So, because she’s such a big girl now and has become Little Miss Independent, Michael and I decided it was time to introduce her to the big girl bed. (Dun. Dun. DUN!) Honestly, we probably could’ve waited a little bit longer before doing this, but Michael’s sister, Corie, had given us this adorable little bed that both of her boys had used and are now too big for that just had to go in her room! It was originally blue, but to match Hadley’s room a little better, I decided to give it a little paint job. (Pink, of course :))

When we moved it into her room, the plan was to just take the sheets from her crib and put them on the new bed, but it turned out that it was actually about a foot longer than her crib and none of her sheets would fit! That’s when I decided to break out the sewing machine. (You can read all about my adventure here!)

This project was pretty simple and I was very pleased with the results. The hardest part was probably just picking out the fabrics that I wanted to use! (There were way too many to choose from!) If you’re looking to make some new sheets for your little one (this would work for a crib sheet as well) then this would be a great project for you! The total cost for two fitted sheets and two matching pillowcases came to $32.55 with tax. Plus, I still had quite a bit of elastic and thread leftover with a couple small pieces of fabric that can be used on other projects.

What you’ll need:

-Mattress measurements- length x width x depth + a couple extra inches all around to tuck under

-Fabric of your choice (I decided to get two different patterns since I had a good coupon for Joann’s this week) I ended up getting 3 yards of each, which ended up being perfect for the size mattress that I have plus the matching pillowcase. Be sure to do your own unique measurements to determine how much fabric you will need 🙂

  • Coordinating thread
  • 1/4″ elastic
  • Basic sewing supplies

Note: When measuring your mattress, be sure to take into account the depth for all four sides. For example, Hadley’s mattress measured about 60″ long by 30″ wide and was about 4″ deep. So, when I cut the fabric, the measurements I used ended up being about 74″ (60″ for the length, 4″ on both sides for the depth, and then allowed about 3 inches on each side for extra to tuck under) by 44″ (30″ for the width, 4″ on both sides for the depth, and then 3 inches on both sides again.)


1. Measure out the fabric needed for the sheet.

2. Cut out your corners. For my particular sheet, I cut out 6 x 6 corners (4″ for the depth and then 2″ on each side for the hem and a little extra)

3. Hem! To make sure your seams are nice and strong, fold over 1/4″ and then fold over again. (To be honest, since this was the first thing I’ve ever made, I just folded over the full 1/2″ and called it good! I found out afterward that you want to double fold your hem for the best results!)

The finished hem- a little crooked, but not too bad for my first time!

4. Sew the corners. Start from the corner of where they meet and sew down to the edge.

5. Add the elastic! Measure about 8-10″ out from the corner. Attach the elastic and give it a couple stitches to secure it in place. Then, pull the elastic very tight and allow the machine to pull it along as it attaches it to the fabric. Since it’s being stretched, the elastic will scrunch the fabric up with it once it’s sewn on.

Continue attaching until you’ve reached 8-10″ inches past the corner. Repeat for the other three corners.

For the Pillowcase:

1. Measure the pillow that you’re using, allowing about 1/2″ for the seam

2. Cut out two pieces of fabric based on your pillow’s measurements

Note: The width of each piece of fabric should account for 1/2 the total depth of the pillow.) For example, Hadley’s little pillow was about 16″ long by about 11″ wide and 2″ in depth, so the final measurements came to 20″ (16″ for the length, 1″ added to each end for the depth,  1/2″ on each side for the seam and I left an extra inch for the open side to hang over the pillow)  by 14″ (11″ for the width, 1″ added to each end as well and 1/2″ for seam allowance)

3. Hem one edge of each piece- this is where the opening for the pillow will be formed

4. Put the two pieces together and sew the three un-hemmed sides together. You now have a pillowcase!

And there you have it! Like I said, this project turned out better than I expected it to, since I am an extreme newbie to sewing and all… 😉 But the sheets turned out super cute and Hadley absolutely loves her big girl bed!

Another awesome part about this bed is the drawers underneath- I was able to take her bulky dresser out and open up more space for her to play!

Now that it’s begun, there are no limits as to where my new sewing skills may take me- I already have a couple more projects in the works! I’ll keep you posted. 🙂

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