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I grew up around sewing. My mom would always make me and my sister matching outfits, cute hair accessories, and she even used to make my Barbies little clothes as well. Thinking back on it, it’s kinda weird to me that I never learned how to sew in all the years that I was around it. Since my mom was (and still is) such a pro and could make pretty much anything, I guess I just never thought to give it a try. But now that I’m older and have a little one of my own, I just find myself being more and more motivated to try out new projects and crafts, being a thrifty and creative mom like the one I grew up with.

So, a couple months ago, my grandma, Peg,  had asked me if I wanted a sewing machine. A wave of excitement came over me as I pretty much shouted “yes” into the phone before she had even finished asking the question all the way through. She told me it was an old Singer model and that a woman in her complex had no use for anymore and was getting rid of. Although you can get a pretty decent sewing machine nowadays for a relatively low price, the frugal side of me has just never really been one to make large purchases before I know for certain that I can’t find it somewhere else for cheap, if not completely free. (Can you say Craigslist?!) When she told me the woman was just giving it way, it wasn’t long before it was all set up in our own house.

Isn’t it just the cutest?! The machine itself is attached to a little wooden table and flips up and locks into place when you need it. When not in use, it folds back down inside and just looks like a normal table. (Which has actually been put to great use as an accent table in our dining room for the past couple months!)

Now, if you’ve never actually done it before, figuring out a sewing machine is like trying to decipher a top secret code or something. (Or at least it was for me!) Luckily, I had found a manual for my particular model online, which as you can imagine was extremely helpful. After getting through all the parts of the machine and their names/functions, it showed me how to wind the bobbin, was actually pretty simple. Putting it in the machine and feeding the thread through wasn’t too bad either.

Figuring out the needle thread was the more difficult part. The manual pretty much outlined every single step for this process, but the thread goes through so many different little holes and slots, it’s a little overwhelming! Once I got everything all threaded and ready to go, I decided to test out a few stitches on some scrap pieces of fabric that I had lying around. After they kept coming out super loose, I figured it was something having to do with the tension dial, as seen below:

I’m not exaggerating when I say that I spent hours trying to fidget with this dang thing! No matter what I did, the stitches continued to come out loose, coming apart with the slightest little tug. Out of sheer frustration, I gave up and called the omniscient being known as my mom. Surely she would know how to fix it! The next day, she came over bright and early and I swear, not even five minutes after she sat down in front of the thing, she had it fixed and was doing a few practice stitches on the scrap pieces. I don’t know what I’d do without my Momma!

In the end, now that the frustration has passed, I’m glad that I hung in there and got everything all set up and ready to go. I am extremely excited to get started on all of the super cute projects that I’ve come across on Pinterest. And eventually, I’m hoping to venture out and try out a few designs of my own invention.

I’ve gathered all the materials, now to begin my very first sewing project! Stay tuned… 🙂



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