Front Porch Makeover Under $40


Making the new house our own has been a fun and exciting journey. Every little project we do just makes it that much more cozy, slowly making it into a home. And since we had already done quite a bit of work on the inside, I figured it was time that the outside of the house got a little bit of attention as well.

Front Porch 01

This was our porch two months ago. And this is exactly how it had looked since we had moved in in December, complete with the collection of broken planters and dead plants. Immediately, I knew that I wanted to make a noticeable difference without going too over the top or spending too much money. 

My main goal was definitely to add some color. The plainness of it all was just so dull; so… blah.

Front Porch 02

Much better. If there’s one thing that can brighten up pretty much any space- it’s color. This entire project pretty much consisted of buying a few key pieces, adding a bit of paint, and relocating some plants. For the minimal amount of effort that was required, the end result makes quite the bold statement. 

Front Porch 03

The best part about this makeover is that everything came to just under $40 to complete. 

  • “Hello” sign- $3 in the dollar section at Target
  • Pillows (here and here)- $10 each at Target 
  • Welcome mat– $12.99 at Target (yes, I shop at Target way too much  )
  • Bench- done with leftover paint from our hutch repurpose project

Total: $35.99
(Note: Prices listed may vary.)

Being how I am, I am constantly striving to save money and find a way to really stretch our dollar, so I think that this project was a total success in doing just that!

Front Porch 05

My favorite piece- the welcome mat! It’s so bright and adorable, I just love it. And take a good look at that 32 week bump! 😉

Front Porch 06

When Hadley noticed that I was outside taking pictures, of course it wasn’t long before she was out there posing. Love her cheesy little grin!

Front Porch 07

Self-explanatory. This sign had been hanging on the front porch of my childhood home for close to twenty years. Since I was the first of my siblings to have a child of my own (followed closely by my sister), my mom passed it down to me. 

Front Porch 08

For obvious reasons, it’s extremely appropriate. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. 😉

Until the next project!

Front Porch Makeover Under $40

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