Our Indoor Herb and Veggie Garden!


One thing Michael and I have always wanted to do is start our own little garden. We’ve tried growing various herbs and veggies in the past, but have never really gotten serious about it… til’ now!

About a month ago, we spotted these little $1 and $3 seed starter kits at Target and decided to give them a try! To be honest, I wasn’t really expecting much for how little we paid for them, but we were pleasantly surprised!

Herb Garden 06

This is our kitchen window! Originally, we tried growing them in the dining room, but they just weren’t getting the sun that they needed. Once we switched everything over to the kitchen, things really started to take off!

Again, most of what we have started off as little dollar section starters. As they grew bigger and bigger, we transferred them to planters with adequate space. 

Herb Garden 03

I found these planters at Dollar Tree and it was actually Michael’s idea to drill the holes and hang them from the ceiling to free up more space along the windowsill. Along with the basil, we also have oregano and thyme, all of which we replanted a couple weeks ago and are doing extremely well! 

Herb Garden 04

Down below, we have parsley, rosemary, cherry tomatoes, wheat grass, peppers, and celery. We found these little colorful buckets in the Target dollar section as well, and they’re the perfect size for getting seeds started!

Herb Garden 08

These are our little cherry tomatoes, which we started just a couple weeks ago and are already ready for a bigger pot!

Herb Garden 07

The peppers are the ones that I’m actually a little surprised about. I wasn’t really expecting them to grow this quickly, or really even at all. I’m excited to see how big they get!

Herb Garden 09

See the adorable little sign? Also purchased from Target, in case anyone was wondering. (Because, where else would it be from?) And if you look to the left, you’ll see the newest additions to our little garden…

Herb Garden 02

Our succulents! I’ve always wanted to grow these and now we finally are! We knew we needed to have them in the window in order to receive adequate sunlight, but there wasn’t a ton of space leftover. So on our trip to Home Depot (which is, in some cases, a more dangerous store than Target), we found these nifty little magnetic pots! 

And Michael, being the crafty little man that he is, thought of using these thin metal sheets to hang them on. I think it turned out super cute and we’re planning on doing the same thing on the opposite side!

Tips for starting your own window garden:

  • Choose your window wisely. The sunniest window in the house usually will do just fine!
  • Don’t over water. When your seeds are just starting out, it’s best to use a spray bottle to mist them twice a day or so until they require more water. 
  • Use a good plant food. We use EcoScraps Organic Tomato, Herb, and Vegetable and it works great!
  • Experiment. Not everything is going to grow perfectly, and that’s okay! Try out different veggies and herbs until you find the ones that work for you. Also, do some research on different plants to see what works and what doesn’t.
  • Have patience. Everything will come in time. 🙂

And most importantly… have fun! Get the whole family involved! Hadley absolutely loves watering the plants and I’m so excited for her to grow up around gardening and maybe one day have a little garden of her own! ♥

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