DVD Organization- Perfect for Small Spaces!


I don’t think I’m alone in saying that I absolutely hate clutter. Can’t stand it. I’m more of a “everything has its place and it has to go there” kind of person (and again, I know I can’t be the only one who feels this way). Because of this, I am constantly looking for new ways to organize our house. 

One of the things that had been bothering me lately (well, mostly Michael, actually) was our lack of DVD organization. At our old place, we had a bunch of built-ins that provided plenty of storage, so this was never really an issue. Since we moved, though, all of our movies had been sitting in the ottoman in our living room, and yes, it was completely unorganized. DVD Organization 04

See? Not good. Finding anything in there was extremely frustrating and annoyingly time consuming. It’s about a foot deep and over two feet in diameter, so it can hold a pretty good amount of movies. So after opting to not watch movies for a couple months just so we could avoid the sheer frustration of trying to actually find them, we finaly decided that enough was enough.

DVD Organization 01

This binder holds up to 240 discs and 120 covers. For me, keeping the DVDs with their covers was extremely important; it makes it easier to navigate through all of my movies and if I ever wanted to go back to cases again (for whatever reason), I’ll still have all the covers handy.

With four sets of rings, I dedicated the first two to adult movies PG-13 and up, and the other two to kids movies, PG and G. I alphabetized each section to make it even easier to find exactly what I wanna watch- and fast!

DVD Organization 03

Although this binder is originally intended to hold only one cover per page, I thought this was kind of silly and I really wanted to utilize as much space as I could. So, I decided to double up covers instead! This method actually worked quite well, and although the covers were  a bit snug together, they fit perfectly without having to be bent and I personally think it looks better this way!

The only exception was for movies with two discs, which I obviously used one whole page for. In doing the doubling up method, I was left with a ton of space left over for future movies to be added!

DVD Organization 02

It’s super easy to find any movie I want to watch now without having to dig through piles and piles of cases! Look at them all! You bet it felt good to get rid of all that junk. 😉 I actually ended up keeping a bunch of the ones that were in better shape. The only thing left to do now is look up projects that can be done with DVD cases!

DVD Organization- Perfect for Small Spaces!

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