A Sunny Day with the Squad + a 30 Week Bump Update!


Ah, another beautiful day in Washington! This weekend, the weather actually got into the mid 70’s (believe it or not) and we were able to open up all the windows in the house and both the doors and I was still too warm- which is a big deal for me because I’m cold-blooded. 

Because it was absolutely gorgeous, we made sure make the most of it by going to our favorite walking spot, Centennial Trail. Feeling a bit adventurous, we decided to spice things up a little bit and try a different trail head than usual.  

Centennial 03

The Getchell Trail Head is more secluded and off the main road than our usual starting point, which made our walk a little more peaceful and enjoyable. Now that we’ve tried it, we might just make it our new spot! It’s just over a mile away from Lake Cassidy as well, which we weren’t able to make it to today but plan to on future walks!

Centennial 01

Miss Independent! Hadley is becoming so much of her own person, it’s honestly kinda scary at times. At not even 2 1/2, she can almost have an entire conversation with us, and has even started to form complete, elaborate sentences. She’s also taken an interest in wanting to dress herself, and makes it very apparent when she doesn’t want to wear something that I’ve picked out for her. Ugh, stop growing already, baby girl! 

One thing that she’ll never be too old to do, though…

Centennial 02

…is hitch a ride with dad! On our way back up the trail, she started to slow down a bit and actually requested that Daddy carry her the rest of the way. This picture just melts my heart; love my babies!

Centennial 04

Rebel! The whole gang made it out today, and he definitely needed it! Since he’s a 100+ pound dog (or mini horse rather), it’s not exactly easy for me to walk him. And being pregnant definitely doesn’t help with that- I just can’t waddle fast enough to keep up with him! Speaking of…

Centennial 07

I’ve reached the 30 week mark! And this girl is so. dang. active! At any given time of day, she’ll all of a sudden just decide that it’s time to practice her karate and kick the patootie outta me! My doctor had recently informed us that she was a big girl and a bit ahead of schedule, so it all makes sense now!

Since my last update, life has gotten so much easier. As expected, my overall energy level has been steadily increasing week after week, as has my appetite; not necessarily in quantity, but variety. I’ve slowly been expanding on the foods that I eat, which is great because I’m able to eat more and more healthy foods and not just pizza and junk food 24/7.

At 30 weeks, I feel like it’s really coming right down to it; we’re gonna have a new baby in 10 weeks (or less)! I like to think that I’ve been doing a pretty good job in preparing for her arrival, but I feel like there’s still so much to do! Nesting, folks, it’s called nesting. 😉 

Centennial 05

We really do live in such a beautiful state and now that the weather’s been warming up, I can’t wait to get out and enjoy it as much as we can. Plus, walking is a great way to naturally induce labor when the time comes! 😉

Centennial 06

Until the next adventure!

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