Holy Labor Day Sale, Batman!


If you’re addicted to saving money like I am, then you know how hard it is to -ugh, it’s hard for me to even say it- pay full price. Ew! Although it’s easy enough to avoid doing this for the most part (coupons, anyone?), some items such as clothing, shoes, and accessories just aren’t quite as easy to get good deals on. This is why I absolutely love thrift shopping! If you search hard enough, you can find quality items for a fraction of their original retail cost! It’s like a dream come true. Plus, I live literally 2 minutes away from Value Village (A.k.a. “The Village”, “V-Ville”, “The Village by M. Night Shyamalan”) so it’s dangerously easy for me to just walk down there and shop till I drop!

So the other day, I had a very nice little trip; I was able to get a top, dress, skirt, and super cute booties, as well as a few fun things for Hadley all for just over $20.00!

Thrifty 001

Thrifty 06

Stylin’! Hadley got show off one of her new tops while her cousins were over to play. It’s so cute to watch her play, she just loves other kids!

Thrifty 05

Thrifty 01

Pizza time! I just couldn’t help but take a million shots of everyone. It was a good time. 🙂

Thrifty 02

But anyway, today was the first time I had ever gone to Value Village on a sale day. In honor of Labor Day, they were having a huge sale in which all clothing was 50% off store-wide. Usually, only certain items or tag colors are marked down this much, so you can understand why I was so excited about this. My sister and I left the babies with their daddies (The Michaels), grabbed our purses and ran out the door. After about two hours, I had finally narrowed down my haul into about a third of what it was originally and was ready to checkout…. Here’s what I got:

Thrifty 09

Ten tops, two cardigans, three pairs of shorts, a pair of Levi’s (practically brand new) for Michael, and a super adorable dress. Altogether with the 50% off discount, I only paid $58 after tax! Pretty good I’d say, especially since everything was great quality and included a lot of pretty expensive brands.

Thrifty 10

One of my favorite purchases – a navy floral blouse, paired with my super comfy moccasin slippers! And also…

Thrifty 11

An Olaf crew neck! Because why not? 🙂

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