It’s funny how things work out. A little over a week ago, I had a big ol’ to-do list full of things I wanted to get done before baby arrived; I was gonna catch up on some blog posts, get some maternity/family portraits done, add the finishing touches on the girls’ room (post coming soon!), and just get our nest as cozy and baby-ready as possible.

Baby, however, had other plans. I woke up the morning of June 12th in labor. Michael had been predicting that the 12th would be the day she would come, which is really weird! (I think he was just trying to be optimistic, but hey- he was right!)  At 11:07 that night, our beautiful baby girl was born.

Her name is River Blue. 

River Newborn 001

Beauty! The first thing we noticed (literally the very first thing we saw if you know what I mean) was that she was born with this beautiful, thick, black hair just like Hadley was. I honestly don’t know where that comes from since Michael and I both had white fuzz when we were little. Either way, I’m definitely a fan! 

Although she arrived two weeks early -right at the 38 week mark- she actually ended up being 2 oz. bigger than Hadley was. I can only imagine how big she would’ve been if I had made it to 40 weeks!

River Newborn 02

I can’t believe how precious she is. She’s a champ at eating, lets me get a decent amount of sleep at night (or as much as a newborn will allow for, anyway), and has just been perfect. 

River Newborn 03
It’s only been a week and I am already just so in love with her. Now that she’s here, our little family just feels complete. 

River Newborn 05

And then there’s this goober. Hadley has been such an awesome big sister so far. She loves giving River kisses and helping out whenever she can. 

River Newborn 06

Throughout the day, she will actually randomly come up to me when I’m holding her and say “lemme hold her” and hold her little arms out. Seeing both my babies together just melts my heart and I know they’re going to be best friends in no time. Until, of course, the teen years come along. 😉

River Newborn 07

My girls. It just feels so good to finally be able to say that. My. girls. 

River Newborn 04

Welcome to the world, River Blue!

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